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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Kaitlynn's Dedication on Mother's Day

Sunday we had Kaitlynn dedicated at our church. What a special way to celebrate Mother's Day! To honor God that way and to make a commitment to raise her in the church community was so amazing. I look forward to the day that she is old enough to make the decision on her own that Jesus Christ is her Savior and she wants to be baptized.

Our families met us at church for the service. Dave, Kaitlynn and I had a family photo taken. We helped our families find seating. Then we waited in the lobby with the rest of the parents and children being dedicated. We talked with our dedication mentor couple, Dan and Carolyn. They were so supportive to us on Sunday. All of the dedication families processed in and stood in front of the church. Our lead pastor, Greg, talked about what dedication is. Then Randall, our associate pastor, introduced all of us to the church community. We were given a moment of prayer, where our families were able to come stand with us and pray with us. Dan said a prayer with us and our families. What a powerful moment!

We took Kaitlynn to her class and went back to service. After service, we sat outside of church with our families and talked. Kaitlynn had fun opening her gift from Hanna and Adam.

We went to Cheesecake Factory for lunch. After lunch MawMaw gave Kaitlynn a present. It was a beautiful cross frame that says "Bless this child."

Can you believe that Kaitlynn's white dress was mostly white at the end of the day? I was amazed!