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Sunday, June 6, 2010

No More Rash

Tuesday, I took Kaitlynn to the pediatrician for her rash / bumps - possible side effects to the Amoxicillin. When we pulled up to the pediatrician's office building, Kaitlynn said, "This is the right doctor. They have a fish tank. They give me a cookie and sticker." While in the waiting room, she got upset that she had to share the huge fish tank and toys with the other kids. She said "this is my doctor's office." Usually when we are at the office, there aren't very many kids there. But this day the waiting room was pretty full. Kaitlynn lost a pound (no big deal). She saw a different pediatrician, since her regualr one was on vacation. She did fine, just refused to talk to him. Since Kaitlynn wasn't used to him, he asked me to hold Kaitlynn on my lap while he examined her. He said that we should stop the Amoxicillin (therefore also stopping the Benadryl). He said that the rash could be from the Amoxicillin, but it could also be from a virus. This way we would know. He didn't feel she needed the Amoxicillin for a virus. He said that if the rash comes back, wait it out a few days, but if the fever comes back to call them. He said that in the future if she is put on Amoxicillin that I should remind them about her reaction and she should be watched closely the first several days on it. Kaitlynn was so excited not to have to take anymore medication. She screamed "Yeah" and was jumping all around. She was so happy and excited to get a cookie and sticker. She always asks so politely for them, but then never eats the cookie!