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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm Not A Lady

Last night before bed, Dave called Kaitlynn a lady. She said, "I'm not a lady. I'm jingle bells. I'm not jingle bells, I'm a princess!" We busted up laughing. We think she meant Tinker Bell, instead of jingle bells.
Last night I also painted my toe nails a different color. I mean different. I painted them this new color from Avon called Jade.
So what do you think?
Today we had a lazy day. We were going to go to Grant's Farm, but it started raining and that nixed that plan.
Instead, we went out to dinner and to Target with MawMaw. Then we went back to MawMaw's house. Kaitlynn had fun catching lightning bugs with Uncle Jeff. While they were running around, she fell and said one of the bugs tripped her! Girl is silly.
Hanna and Adam picked up this climbing cube and transported it to our house from my brother and sister-in-law's. Kaitlynn had fun playing in it for a few minutes before bed.

Ella's Birthday Party

Saturday we attended Kaitlynn's friend, Ella's 3rd birthday party. The party was in her backyard. It had a Wiggles theme and was a backyard pool party. It was a lot of fun, but super sweaty hot out. It was so hot, at times we were hoping it rained just to cool us off. The kids were all fine because they had the water to play in. The party had face painting, music, games, sprinkler pool, wagon, slide, play house and an appearance by The Wiggles (actually teenage boys dressed as The Wiggles).

Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car. She slept until it was time to get ready for church. We attended service and Kaitlynn attended her class. When I came in to pick her up, she was sitting on the floor with one of the female teenagers that helps out and 2 other boys. The teenager was reading them a story. Kaitlynn found her picture that she made and was ready for some hot chocolate.
This week's lesson: Jesus was a friend to the blind men. The kids brought home this really cool Lil' K Map Book that discussed the Bible story and being a friend. I hope they get these for all their lessons. Bible verse for the week: "A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17
While she drank hot chocolate with Dave, I attended a meeting. I will talk about what this meeting was for on my other blog eventually and might talk about it on this one, too. My other blog is really behind and hopefully I will be able to get it up-to-date soon, so I can talk about this meeting.

Jungle Boogie - Charles Glenn

Friday Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's. We ate lunch at Ginghams, then ran some errands. MawMaw had a doctor's appointment and we went back to the house to get ready for the Zoo. Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. We met Hanna and Brandon there. We ran into Teri, Hayden and Quinn. The band playing was Charles Glenn. Instead of the big stage, they were playing by the lake under a roof because it was sprinkling a bit when the concert first started. Thankfully the rain stayed away. We ate dinner and listened to music. Dave, Kaitlynn, Brandon and Hanna went to Caribbean Cove to pet the stingrays and horseshoe crabs. Then we went to see the Big Cats, prairie dogs and sun bear. Kaitlynn and Brandon played by Lakeside Cafe. Kaitlynn and Brandon suckered Hanna into buying them stuffed animals from Build-A-Bear. Kaitlynn got a small penguin.

We had a great night, but look forward to the band being on the larger stage in the regular area for the next concert.

Locked Out and Muppet Babies

Thursday Kaitlynn, Bailey and I went for a walk. As soon as I shut the front door, I realized I had grabbed the wrong keys. I ran to the garage door to try the key pad, but it didn't work. I called Dave at work to tell him what happened. We tried to back door, but it was locked too. Kaitlynn, Bailey and I started on our walk as we were waiting for him. We got half way up the street and Kaitlynn said she wanted something to drink. I told her I didn't bring her anything to drink. She ran back to the house and started banging on the door saying, "Let me in. Hello! Anybody home?" I told her that I grabbed the wrong keys and we were locked out until daddy got home. Thankfully Dave was near home and it didn't take him long to come let us in. It was pretty hot out and Kaitlynn was thirsty.

Since getting her book, "Piggy Visits The Doctor", Kaitlynn has been obsessed with learning the Muppet Babies' names. Dave and I knew Miss Piggy (of course), Kermit the Frog, Fozzie Bear, Animal and Gonzo. I knew one of these particular 2 characters were named Skeeter. We could not remember the dog's name or the other character's name. I thought the dog's name was Rowl or something like that. I told Kaitlynn I would look it up on the computer, but kept forgetting. I finally remembered (after asking on Facebook). The dog's name is Rowl (I was right) and the other character's name is Scooter. Kaitlynn likes to name all the characters before we read the book.

When Kaitlynn doesn't want to go to bed (or do something) she says, "I'm hungry!" This is her new stalling tactic. We don't fall for it. My line is, well you should have ate, when we ate... (breakfast, lunch, dinner - depending on when she says it). That normally makes her stop and go to bed (or do whatever we are asking her to do).

Dave and I watched "Precious." What a sad movie! How can a mother want to be loved so badly that she would let some man hurt her own child and then rationalize it and make it her daughter's fault? We do live in such a fallen world. The unconditional love that we all seek is only going to be found through God. He is the only one that can love us like that.

Post Op

Wednesday morning started with me dropping my cell phone in the turtle's cage. Gross! Then Kaitlynn had a follow-up / post-op appointment with her pediatric dentist. The dentist was running late, luckily only about 15 minutes though. He asked how she was doing and checked her teeth, mainly the cavity sites. He said her teeth looked good and that she was brushing and flossing good. I asked him how we can keep her teeth healthy if the cavities were due to genetics. He said to brush, floss and keep her away from fruit snacks. Of course limit juice and candy, too. I sure hope we never have to go through another procedure like we did last month (with getting her cavities fixed). Kaitlynn did great at the dentist, sitting in the chair and letting him look at her teeth. She got 2 stickers and a pencil. They were out of toys (and waiting for them to come in).

When we got home, a package was waiting for us on the porch. I opened it and was happily surprised that it was Laura Bush's new book "Spoken from the Heart." I ordered it, but wasn't supposed to get it until the end of the month. Then we opened the mail and Kaitlynn got a book, too. At her last pediatrician's visit, she loved the book "Piggy Visits the Doctor." I ordered it for her. She was so happy that it was hers to keep. We read it over and over. Then daddy had to read it over and over. Kaitlynn knows the book pretty well. I love when she reads it to us. She does a pretty good job reading it (just from memory and in her own words).

I was so excited! I won a copy of Sarah McLachlan's new CD, "Laws of Illusion" from One2One Network. I had to be the first to comment with my favorite Sarah McLachlan song. I responded "I Will Remember You" and won! I can't wait to get it.

We went looking for a few swimsuits for Kaitlynn since she only has one. We figure she should have a couple since she is taking swim lessons and we are most likely going to get a subdivision pool pass. We bought 1 swimsuit and ended up buying several dresses. My girl loves dresses!

We had dinner at El Nopal. After dinner Kaitlynn rode her jeep and played outside for a bit.