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Monday, June 14, 2010

Digital Camera Suggestions

Since our digital camera broke about 2 weeks ago, Dave and I have been trying to figure out which kind we should buy. Ours that just broke was a Canon Powershot. We've had Kodak, Olympus, and a Nikon Coolpix before. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for us. We aren't looking to spend a great deal on it, definitely less than or right around $200. The reason being that we seem to have to buy a new one every few years, even when we buy the extended warranties. Do you have a digital camera that you just love? Tell me about it.

Dave and I were also talking about whether we needed to get a Flip Video along with a digital camera or just buy one of them. If we were going to just buy one of them, which one? We've decided that we should probably get both. On Saturday, my friend, Tara, told us about a good deal on the Flip Video, so we ordered one and should be getting it in the next week. I am so excited because it should be here in time for a big event. Yeah!

To 2 Piece or Not?

Kaitlynn has a few 2 piece swimsuits from last year that she never wore. They still fit her this year, but I just don't know how I feel about her wearing them. Part of me thinks they are cute and she is young, so it's OK, but then another part of me thinks she is too young and they show too much. What do you think? Do / did you let your toddler / preschool aged daughter(s) wear a 2 piece?