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Friday, June 18, 2010


Tuesday morning and afternoon it was storming. Kaitlynn said she wanted us to take umbrellas to the Zoo & run through the rain. Yeah, that didn't happen. Instead we went to get blood work done. She held my hand and was excited when the phlebotomist showed her the tube of my blood.

We visited MawMaw. Kaitlynn said she wanted Applebee's for dinner and then only ate a few bites. I guess I should be happy that she at least ate something! Kaitlynn had fun running around the mall, playing on the rides and at the play area. She has become a huge drama queen & exaggerator! By drama queen I mean: she will fall down to the ground and say she can't walk or that her feet are broken. She will say, "I can't walk." By exaggerator I mean: While she was playing on the rides, she kept bothering this boy in one of the cars. She came running over to MawMaw and me saying that he pinched her and then changed her story immediately to he bit her. She kept going over to him, and then running back to us saying, "He did it again." At the new play area, she said this little girl pushed her, when the girl didn't even touch her. I guess that just means she's very creative!

While at the play area, she was quite the chatterbox & socialite! She "made" friends with all the kids at the play area and even talked to a few parents. She was really talking to this boy and girl's dad, which is surprising because she normally does not talk to men. Then she really took to this lady that had a baby a little younger than a year. Kaitlynn followed her and the baby around the play area and just talked about different things. Before the lady left, she hugged Kaitlynn abd told her how sweet she was. It was really cute!

It's interesting how Kaitlynn's mind works. While at the play area, she saw this man sitting by himself and asked me where his family was. I told her I didn't know. Then she asked what was wrong with him. I told her I didn't think anything was wrong with him. She then came to the conclusion that he must be waiting for someone.

Kaitlynn ended the evening playing with this little guy named Allam. He turned 3 in the fall. They were running all over the mall together, just having a great time. I love how she makes friends so easily.