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Saturday, June 19, 2010


Friday, I continued to have trouble with my cell phone. It charged all night, but in the morning only had 1 bar. For some reason, it doesn't want to read the charger. I know it's not the charger because we have 2 of them and they both work for Dave's cell. Thankfully, the refurbished phone has been shipped out already.

The Guidecraft toy box I won from Mommy B Knows Best came. Talk about fast! I just found out I won it on Tuesday! We haven't put it together yet, but when we do I will post a picture.

Kaitlynn wanted Cheerios for breakfast and was calling them Tummy Yummies all morning. Then she found a bag of candy (in my bedroom) and was walking around with it saying "Trick or treat?" She talks about Halloween frequently and talks about having "MawMaw, Neece and Brandon over. And Hanna and Adam." She also talks about Christmas and says she wants the Christmas tree up and reminds me that Santa brings her presents. Instead of Christmas, she says "Chrisum" or something similar to that. It's cute!

Later, she decided it was a good idea to get on my shoulders (while I was sitting down) and say, "Giddy up horsey!" She thought that was great.

We ended up going outside. It was so disgustingly hot out there. It was so hard getting her to come back inside. I finally convinced her to come in for lunch. Right after lunch, she was ready to head back outside with the dogs. Dave came home and started mowing the lawn. Kaitlynn stayed outside with him. She came back in sweaty and with red cheeks and said, "It's hot, hot, hot out there!" She was darn right! It was hot, hot, hot out there! Blazing hot!

Before bed, Kaitlynn asked if I would read her a book. I told her yes and then she started calling me "pal." I don't know if that is my nickname from now on or what. She calls Dave "Big Guy" which I think she got from Clifford (also where she got Tummy Yummies from). It is so darn cute to hear her call him that. He has in turn started calling her "Special K" when she calls him "Big Guy." She calls Uncle Jeff "Monkey." I'm not sure why except that he plays ball and runs around with her. She calls Adam her boyfriend. OK, so maybe that's not exactly a nickname. She likes making nicknames up for people. I have felt a little left out that I don't have a nickname yet. So maybe my new name is "pal".

Flip and Talking Back

Thursday, we received our Flip Video! I can't believe we got it so fast. We have missed having a Flip since I had to turn the one I was using back into after my discussion leader gig was over. Kaitlynn and I went to Walgreen's pharmacy drive thru to pick up my medication and as we were leaving she said, "I wish I could work there." She cracks me up. I will be so surprised if she doesn't end up in the medical field. She says she wants to be a baby doctor at the hospital nursery and a vet. She loves walking around with a pen / pencil and pad of paper asking how we feel and if anything hurts. She also used to like to say she was Dr. Collins (my ob/gyn).

In the process of getting my medication and having mommy brain, I left my debit card at Walgreens. I didn't realize it until they called me. Thank goodness for honest people!

For 2 days I have been on the phone with AT&T about my cell phone. This phone is totally possessed and keeps getting worse. Wednesday, I was on the phone for about a half an hour talking about the voice mail problem. When I try to retrieve a voice mail, it takes forever because the phone keeps calling my voice mail over and over. I thought after doing a reset and then a master reset that the voice mail problem was over, but no. Thursday morning, I couldn't access my text messages. It would go back to the home screen / an AT&T screen. Then the voice mail issue started again and I couldn't get my phone to charge. I called AT&T again and was on the phone for about an hour troubleshooting the phone's issues. About 15 minutes into the call, the lady agreed that my phone was possessed, but for some reason we had to stay on the phone for another 45 minutes troubleshooting. She was really nice, but it was such a pain in the butt to put that much time into this psycho phone. Finally, she said that they would send me a different phone. Of course this one is not a new one, it is a refurbished one. I have only had this phone for about 6 months. I shouldn't be having these problems with it.

MawMaw, Kaitlynn and I ate dinner and then went grocery shopping. At the grocery store, they were sampling Mike's Classic Margarita's in raspberry, lime and peach. They were yummy!

I have really been getting onto Kaitlynn lately. She has been talking back a lot. I struggle with it though because I feel that she should be able to tell us or anyone else "no." I want her to know she has that right. I am not going to raise a "yes woman." But the struggle is, at what point does it just become disrespectful of her? I have been reminding her of her KidzMinistry Bible verse "Children obey your parents" and telling her that Jesus wants her to listen to mommy (and daddy). That lasts for a second and then she's on to talking back again. If I tell her to do something, she'll say, "No I'm not...." This talking back business is no fun! The other thing she started was telling me that she's going to call the police on me. She started it on Wednesday while we were at home. I think she didn't want to pick up her toys or stop flipping around on the couch. She pulled that one out on me at the grocery store, too. I asked her why and she said so I could get into trouble. I told her to call the police. One time I told her I was going to call them myself and she said no that she was just playing / joking. I don't know where she's picked up this calling the police thing from!

Kaitlynn got to watch her Diego DVD before bed, so that I could bring in the groceries and get them put away. After I was done, I sat down and watched it with her. I was amazed at the different types of animals she knows, just from watching this DVD. I really don't like her watching a lot of TV (or videos), but I don't beat myself up so much when I know that she is learning something from it.

8 Year Dating Anniversary

On Tuesday, I found out that I won a giveaway for a Guidecraft toy box from Mommy B Knows Best. I was very excited about this because it will be perfect in helping to get Kaitlynn's toys organized.

Wednesday, I was awakened by Dave yelling about the dogs. Sassy (the puggle) apparently decided to climb on top of the wood pile in the back yard so that she could jump into the neighbor's yard. Dave ripped his favorite Cardinals' shirt in the process of getting her back over the fence. I told him to just get rid of the dog and Kaitlynn woke up at that point saying, "No don't get rid of her." That dog is so lucky that Kaitlynn loves her as much as she does. Kaitlynn is her "saving grace" otherwise she would probably be gone. Later that day, when I was getting the dogs in from the back yard, I couldn't find Sassy. She came out from under a bush with a dead bunny! Gross! I don't know if she killed it or just found it dead, but it was very disgusting.

The best thing about Wednesday was that it was Dave and my 8 year dating anniversary. 8 years ago, we went on our first date on Father's Day (so obviously it was a Sunday). We went to the Shakespeare Festival. A Midsummer Night’s Dream was the play showing that year. We have gone to every production since with the exception of 1 (because we were in Florida). We both remember that night so well. We were so unprepared -no blanket, chairs or food and beverages. The people behind us had tiki torches and a bucket of KFC. At one point we were afraid one of their tiki torches was going to set Dave on fire. We almost left during intermission because we thought the play was over. We even remember the conversation we were having as we were walking from the car to the play - it was about chunky chicken (don't ask!).
As the years have gone by, we've gotten pretty good at being prepared for the Shakespeare production. We try to go as close to the anniversary date as possible, if we can't go on the 16th. This year's production was Hamlet. It was awesome! Our dinner consisted of Subway sandwiches and Riesling. What a combo, huh? It was such a beautiful evening. We couldn't have picked a better night to go. We were the largest crowd at that production up to that evening. Quotes from the night / production: "To thine own self to be," "Brevity is the soul of wit," "To be or not to be. That is the question, " and "Get thee to a nunnery." What great quotes.

Kaitlynn stayed at MawMaw's. We also took Pumpkin and Jasmine (the cats) to MawMaw's because they are going to live at her house. So, we are cat-free now! Kaitlynn and MawMaw had a treasure hunt around the house, played outside, played with dolls and gave her doll a bath after making dinner. Kaitlynn was bathed and sleeping when we came to pick her up. We probably should have just left her there, but she did well transitioning to the car and then to her bed. She stayed asleep the entire time.

I have mixed feelings on being cat-free. It was a must since we have the 3 dogs. I do still really like cats and will miss Pumpkin and Jasmine. Having cats when I was single and living in an apartment and even after having a house and getting married, they were great companions. Things changed after having Kaitlynn. The constant vomiting, occasional peeing on her stuff (clothes and toys) and messing up the new carpet in the basement just got to be too much, along with all the cat hair. It's nice that we will still be able to see them and I hope MawMaw is able to keep them and they do well at her house. Kaitlynn was fine with taking them. In fact, on Tuesday night when we were at MawMaw's, Kaitlynn out of the blue said that we were going to put our cats in a cage and bring them over to MawMaw's house. I prepared her on Wednesday before Dave got home from work. I told her that we were taking the cats down to MawMaw's and they were going to stay at her house.