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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day Babe

Kaitlynn is so lucky to have such an involved daddy!
Getting prepared for baby Kaitlynn at one of our many baby showers
Wearing the pregnancy belly at Lamaze class
Putting Kaitlynn's crib together with my dad

Hospital pictures (after Kaitlynn's birth):

Changing Kaitlynn's diaper
1st professional picture

Feeding Kaitlynn cereal
Cardinals' game
Getting Daddy's face

At the zoo
Grant's Farm tram
Columbia, MO
Christmas time
Just out of a bath
First snow
Playing in the snow with Bailey
Daddy's 29th birthday dinner
1st Valentine's Day
On the beach in Florida

Taking a Daddy nap in Florida
Trip to Georgia
at the World of Coca-Cola
Centennial Olympic Park
pulling Kaitlynn around in a box
Looking at the geese
Friend's Luau birthday party
1st carousel ride at cousins' school picnic
Friend's birthday party at Museum of Transportation
City Museum
AB Tour
Japanese Festival at Botanical Garden
1st time Apple Picking at Grafton Eckert's
Pumpkin picking
Pumpkin carving
St. Charles' Christmas Traditions
Santa Babies
Zoo visit
Dying Easter Eggs
Petting a camel at Belleville Eckert's
Father's Day
Another Zoo visit
4-wheelin' on 4th of July
1st time bowling
Putting up the Christmas tree
Wild Lights at the Zoo

Dave's 31st birthday dinner
Riding her new jeep
Disney on Ice
Friend's birthday party at The Little Gym
Strawberry picking at Belleville Eckert's
Riding the carousel together at the Zoo
Creve Coeur Days
Birthday party at Swing Around Fun Town
Daddy giving Kaitlynn golf lessons
Pony ride at Eckert's
Going to the Greek Festival
Family Day at the Retirement Center
1st swim lesson
2nd swim lesson
And many more special times to come!