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Friday, July 2, 2010

Graduation, Outside Play, Swim Class and Fitz's

I am so proud of my niece, Hanna! She graduated from beauty school on June 21st. Only her and another girl graduated on time. For graduating on time, she got a netbook from her school.

Kaitlynn and Nick having fun in the backyard.

After Kaitlynn put on her swimsuit, she said she looked like a ballerina! On the way to swim class, Kaitlynn asked if there were sharks in the water.

Swim lesson started with the "Popcorn" song.
They worked on floating, kicking and using a floating board.
They practiced blowing bubbles in the water, sang "Grand Old Duke of York", picked out toys from the basket (Kaitlynn picked the walrus) and the teacher showed Kaitlynn how to jump in the pool with a noodle.
Kaitlynn floating on a noodle.
They sang "Wheels on the Bus" and then went over to the shallow water where they practiced walking / crawling like an alligator.

After swim class, Dave told Kaitlynn that she did awesome. She said, "I'm not awesome! I'm a princess!" Dave told her she was an awesome princess, but she wasn't buying it. She just wants to be a princess!

We went to Fitz's for some ice cream as a special treat. Yum-O!

My Angel

On June 19th, Kaitlynn and I were looking at pictures of PawPaw Dado (my dad). She can still pick him out in pictures! She said that he is her angel and that he fed and took care of her when she was a baby. What a sweet "memory" she has of PawPaw Dado. For her to say he is her angel makes me wonder if they don't still have a "relationship." Maybe he is looking out for her and checking in on her from time to time.