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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Dr. Sears Lecture

Thursday night MawMaw and I attended a lecture by Dr. Jim Sears at Meadowbrook Country Club with a few other ladies. The lady that invited us, I met at the Women's Friday Night Live event I attended at a friend's church.

Jim Sears, M.D., is star and co-host of the show, The Doctors. He is a board certified pediatrician in private practice with his brother and father, Dr. William Sears. He has been featured on's "Ask the Experts," and has written for Parenting and BabyTalk magazine. Dr Sears' medical advice has been featured on "Dr. Phil" and the PBS parenting series, "Help Me Grow." He is an active contributor to the content of, and is co-author of The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood (Little, Brown 2006), Father's First Steps - Twenty-Five Things Every New Father Should Know, (Harvard Common Press 2006). The Premature Baby Book (Little, Brown 2004), The Baby Sleep Book (Little, Brown 2006) and the best selling The Baby Book - Revised Edition (Little, Brown 2003). Dr. Jim's personal passions include endurance cycling, triathlon, sailboat racing and musical theater with his daughter, Lea. His favorite role has been Harold Hill in "The Music Man". Other recent productions include "Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat" (French brother), "The Wizard of Oz" (Cowardly Lion), "Annie" (Rooster), "Fiddler on the Roof" (Lazar Wolf) "Oliver! (Mr. Bumble) and Big River (King). In his free time, Dr. Jim enjoys snow skiing, hiking, and mountain biking (especially during a beautiful sunrise!). This information was taken from this site.

It was a very informative lecture. Here are some notes from the evening:
Dr. Jim Sears said the New England Journal of Medicine published that being overweight by 40lbs increased our chances of:
heart attacks by 360%
cancer by 80%
high blood pressure by 260%
degenerative arthritis by 400%
dying by 110%

By choosing fruit (clementine) over sugar snacks (4 oreo cookies), we increase our antioxidants, add hundreds of phytonutrients, reduce calories and fat over high calorie, sugar addictive foods, and bad fats that cause inflammation.

We should be eating 9-13 fruits and vegetables per day - Juice Plus is an easy solution to getting a great foundation for our nutritional health.

Backyard Playdate and a New Baby

Wednesday July 7th was an exciting day. Joy FM, a Christian radio station, was able to secure a stronger signal at 99.1 fm. The new signal covers the entire city of St. Louis and much of the surrounding area. I love this station!

Kaitlynn and I went to Emily, Ella and Bea's for a backyard pool playdate. Lots of Kaitlynn's friends were there: Kylie and her sister Ava, Gabe and his sister Merci, Bailey and her brother Taylor, and Kaylee.

Later that evening we went to visit our friends, Jill and Emil. Their daughter Katy was born on Tuesday. Kaitlynn was so excited to meet Katy and extremely happy when Jill's stepmom asked her if she wanted to help feed the baby. We were all excited to meet Katy! She's so adorable!

After we got home from the hospital and dinner at Casa, Kaitlynn told our dog Bailey "I can count on you." Isn't she sweet?!

Last Session 1 Swim Class

Monday July 5th, we slept / relaxed pretty much all day! Very nice and relaxing. Kailynn was pretending that Dave and I were dogs. My name was Dorothy and his was Ruff! She was trying to get us to play fetch (with her spoon) after brunch! Then she decided to play dead!

I was brushing Kailynn's hair for swim class and she said she looked like a princess. I told her I needed to fix my hair so I looked like a princess' mommy. She said, "Um I dont think so!" Then she told me she was a princess and princesses like "food and bubble gum and to sing and dance."

At swim class, they sang the Duck song, worked on floating, worked on kicking, got the toys out to "swim" to, sang "Wheels on the Bus" and went over to the shallow water to dive for rings. There were only 3 kids in the class. It was her last class from session 1. Kaitlynn's teacher just kept raving about how well she was doing. She said she does really well with kicking. She actually used the word "fabulous" for her kicking skills!

After class, while Dave and Kaitlynn were playing in the shallow water, I asked her teacher if she was ready to move up to the next level or if she should stay at this level. She said Kaitlynn is definitely a different child than the first night. She said the big factor in moving up is will she willingly / independently put her face in the water. Kaitlynn really doesn't like her face to get wet, so we figured we would do 1 more set of 5 classes of the Parent and Tot session.

We grabbed a bite to eat after class and Kaitlynn was wound up. She told us she has a "bad" leg! It seems to be her whole right side!

Happy 4th of July

MawMaw, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to church. Kaitlynn attended her class. Her Bible story was about The Good Samaritan (Luke 10:30-37). "The hurting man needed a BIG helper." The verse for the week continued to be: "I can do all things through Christ, because He gives me strength!" Philippians 4:13. Our message continued with the Speaker Series. Jarrett Stevens talked about the biggest thing we have asked God for. He is opening a church, SoulCity Church, in Chicago in the Fall. I hope we are able to plan a trip to Chicago in the next year so we can visit this new church.

We had lunch at Mimis and it was delicious! We headed to the country, where MawMaw Tommie lives. Kaitlynn had so much fun riding on the 4wheeler, first with Adam, then Hanna and then Dave!
Kaitlynn had so much fun going down the water slide. She said she's "been wanting to do this her whole life!" When she would slide off the slide, she would jump up and say, "I ok!" Super cute!
Kaitlynn and the other kids did some pops, snaps and sparklers. After dinner they did more sparklers. One of the sparkler's sparks fell on Kaitlynn's toe. Thankfully she wasn't hurt or even burnt! Needless to say, she was done with the sparklers for the evening. Kaitlynn, Hanna, Adam and Brandon had fun swinging on the hammock. We started the bigger fireworks display after dark. We had a great time with family. I was so ready for bed when we got home!

Pool, Family and Fireworks

Saturday July 3rd, we enjoyed the beautiful warm weather by playing outside. Dave & Kaitlynn played in the pool. We also had Turtle out to enjoy the day. Then Kaitlynn & Sassy looked for animals in the "jungle."

Later MawMaw, Hanna, Brandon and Adam came over. We had a great dinner - barbeque, grilled corn on the cob, pasta salad and baked potatoes. We walked up the street to watch the city fireworks. They were awesome!

Then we headed home for dessert - lemon cake and Dave made the lemon icing! Yummy!

Jungle Boogie - Arvell & Co

Friday July 2nd Kaitlynn and I watered and checked on the tomato plants. Thankfully the tomato plants weren't dead! Glad they lived after the dogs dug them up. We still haven't been able to pick any tomatoes, but at least they are growing.

Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I picked up Qdoba for dinner and then went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. It was a pretty warm night. It was a nice night for a train ride! Kaitlynn had fun "taking pictures" with her pretend camera while on the train. Kaitlynn and Dave rode the carousel, then we listened to the music by the sea lions. MawMaw and Kaitlynn enjoyed a Tiger's Blood snowcone and danced to the music. We ran into Teri at the end of the evening. Dave and Kaitlynn threw around a rag and Kaitlynn pretended to be a dog. Don't ask! We also saw Kaitlynn's name on the Zoo Parents Program Kiosk for adopting a King Penguin.

State Park

Thursday, July 1st I received my new phone - a Samsung Impression. I really like it so far! It's a touch screen / slider phone.

We enjoyed the beautiful weather at the park! We had a great time - swinging on the swings at the playground, skipping rocks at the creek and a little hike! Totally loving this weather!

Kaitlynn has such a great heart & love for Jesus! While on the hike, she had to stop several times to "Thank Jesus." What an awesome child God has blessed us with! I wish I had a heart like hers.

Whenever Kaitlynn gets into trouble she tells us it's her "bad hand." I don't know how she came up with that, but it's so funny.

That evening Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's. MawMaw treated us to dinner at Pasta House.