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Monday, July 19, 2010

Jungle Boogie - Mighty Big Band

Friday, I received the Parkway P.A.T. newsletter. After reviewing the newsletter and noticing the changes the program has had to make, I was so upset with the state for cutting the program budget. Our kids are the ones that are going to suffer. What a shame! Thankfully our P.A.T. program still exits and is still functioning. They are just not able to offer as many free activities as they have in the past. Actually they are only able to offer 3 from September to December, which is significantly lower than what they used to offer. The legislature and people who had a hand in cutting this program's budget should be greatly ashamed of themselves. Cutting a program that helps our children is not a smart idea.
Anyway, I am not going to rant about that anymore in this post.

Dave, Kaitlynn and I met Hanna and Brandon at the Zoo. We looked at the big cats, zebras, camels and giraffes. We watched the sea lion show, which was really awesome!

We went to the Primate House, Reptile House and The Penguin and Puffin Cove.
Kaitlynn, Hanna and Brandon rode the carousel.
We rode the train.
After the train ride, we met Cynthia, Mike, Annabelle and Alayna at Lakeside and ate dinner.
Kaitlynn, Annabelle and Mike rode the carousel.
Then Kaitlynn and Brandon rode the carousel.
We headed over towards Lakeside Cafe where the music was playing and met up with Teri, Hayden and Quin.
Kaitlynn and Annabelle
Kaitlynn, Hanna, Annabelle, Hayden, Quin and Brandon
Kaitlynn, Hayden, Brandon, Hanna, Adam and Quin
We had another fun night at Jungle Boogie!

We visited MawMaw that evening for a little bit, since she's been under the weather for almost a week.
Kaitlynn was very sad when MawMaw told her she had to get rid of Pumpkin. She was crying so hard and saying she missed her.
It was a late night out for us. Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car. I was craving cheese dip, so Dave made some that was very yummy. We tried to watch "Alice In Wonderland" but got too tired.

Pool Fun

Thursday, Kaitlynn was on her old school Barney kick. She loves the Christmas episode with Michael in it from the late 80's / early 90's.
After I had enough Barney, we decided to go play in our backyard in the pool. Kaitlynn had to wear her play heels with her swimsuit outside. Kaitlynn, Lever and I had fun!
Lever jumped right in as we were filling the pool up.
Kaitlynn and Lever playing in the pool.
While watering the tomato plants, I saw lots of green tomatoes! I can't wait for them to get red. it should be soon!

Maya and Leah came over to play in the pool and Elmo sprinkler with Kaitlynn. They were having such a good time until Maya got stung by a bee. Ouch!
While waiting for Maya to come back over, Kaitlynn and Leah played in the pool and colored rocks with side walk chalk.
After Maya came back over, the girls colored on the patio with side walk chalk. Then they drove around on the jeep. Kaitlynn did a really good job of sharing her jeep! She actually even let Maya drive it. They were driving each other to their "'homes."

After coming in from being outside, I took a nice cool shower and made dinner.

After dinner we went back out to the pool. Kaitlynn was singing "The Hokey Pokey" while playing in the pool! It was very cute!

After Kaitlynn went to bed, Dave and I watched "Funny People". It was not so funny and I didn't really care for it.

Whitaker Festival - FolknBluesGrass

Kaitlynn had fun playing dress-up. She even had to go outside with her dress-up heels on. My girl knows how to walk in her heels! She always has.
While outside, Kaitlynn got into trouble for turning the hose on. She started praying, "Dear God, help me to not get into trouble. Amen!" I love the way she says "Amen." It's always with such exclamation and kind of drawn out.

Wednesday evening, we went to the Botanical Garden's Whitaker Festival. Free admission after 5PM to the Garden and the Children's Garden.
Kaitlynn and daddy had fun playing in the sprinklers at the Children's Garden!

She had fun climbing up and down the rock climbing wall near the treehouse. I can't believe she can climb it so well in flip flops.
The Children's Garden has so much for the kids to do. It's awesome! We went back over to play at the sprinklers before the Children's Garden closed for the concert.

We found a nice shaded area near the stage to picnic and listen to the music. The band playing was FolknBluesGrass.

We had a nice evening. It was not too unbearably hot, especially as the sun went down (and we stopped for frosties afterwards)!

Nice Break

Kaitlynn loves taking pictures. She captured a picture of the 3 dogs playing in the yard last Tuesday.

I got an unexpected break on Tuesday. Kaitlynn went over to the neighbors' house to play with Maya and Leah for an hour or two. When I went outside to get her from the neighbors', I got stung by something on my finger. Ouch!

As we were headed to meet our cousins for dinner and a playdate, Kaitlynn fell asleep. She woke up in a good mood, thankfully. I think it helped seeing Annabelle there. She was also excited to see Alayna. We ate dinner and then the girls played. Kaitlynn and Annabelle sang, danced and played in the play area. They played for over 3 hours!

Kaitlynn had a good day - she played with some of her favorite friends (the neighbor girls & her cousin)!

Start of New Swim Session

July 12th when I got home from an appointment, Dave told me to look outside. Lever (our puppy) was laying in the chiminea! We can't believe he could even fit in there.

Kaitlynn's 2nd session of swim lessons started. On the way to swim class Kaitlynn asked if her teacher was mad at her and if we thought she liked her.
We were so excited to see that Kaitlynn has the same swim teacher! It's a big class too, 13 kids!
They practiced getting in the pool.
Then sang the Popcorn song.
They worked on kicking, blowing bubbles in the water, sang "Wheels on the Bus", worked on floating, sang the Duck song and got the toys out and worked on "swimming" to their toy.
Kaitlynn's swim teacher told us if she keeps progressing the way she has, she's going 2 be in the Olympics! We love the encouragement she gives Kaitlynn!
They worked on climbing / getting out of the pool.

To end the class they sang the Duke of York song.
After swim class, Kaitlynn and daddy went to the shallow part of the pool. Kaitlynn was pretending to be daddy's lifeguard. It was really cute!