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Friday, August 6, 2010

The Bad Hand Strikes Again

Sunday, Monday and Tuesday were tough days for me. Sunday I just had to put my game face on to attend the Cardinals game. Tickets were already purchased, Dave loves baseball and life has to go on (especially for Kaitlynn). By Monday, I was pretty sad so Kaitlynn and I just stayed home.

Kaitlynn "decorated" her arm with a blue highlighter! She said she drew a dinosaur. Then she told me she didn't do it - her bad hand did it! I guess this is yet another possible career choice for her - tattoo artist. It was so weird seeing her with that on her arm all day. Yeah, it didn't get washed off until around dinner time and before swim class!

Kaitlynn and Dave went to swim class. I stayed home. Kaitlynn was sad about me not going and Dave said she didn't want to really participate at first. Her swim teacher talked to her in the beginning of class and told her it was OK that I was at home because I was sick. Dave said that seemed to make things a little better. They sang the Popcorn and Wheels on the Bus songs. They practiced kicking, swimming stroke and floating. Kaitlynn was the teacher's demonstrator again. She swam by herself with a noodle! I can't believe I missed that. Bummer! Hopefully, I'll get to see her do that next week. They played in the shallow water, too.

Tuesday, Kaitlynn and I had lunch with MawMaw. We took Kaitlynn to McDonald's to play in the play area before MawMaw's doctor appointment. After the appointment, we went to the house so that I could do some cleaning. Hanna came over and brought Kaitlynn the sand box and sand she bought her. They put it together and Kaitlynn played in it for a little bit. It's been so hot lately, we can't spend much time outside. MawMaw treated us all to dinner.