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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another MLM Playdate and Six Flags

Wednesday the 11th, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to a MLM Playdate at Olympiad. The preschool-aged kids went in with the teachers while the parents sat outside to watch them through a big glass window. Kaitlynn's group was in the back of the room so it was hard to see them, but she seemed to have fun. The last 30 minutes, parents were asked to come back and participate with their children. It was kind of free play until the last 15 minutes or so when they had parachute play.
Jumping into the pit.
Parachute play.
This is video from MLM. Kaitlynn is in the video several times. If the embeded video doesn't work, here is the link for the video.

After the playdate, we went to McDonald's for lunch and as a meeting place to meet up with Hanna, Brandon and Grace. From there we went to Six Flags. We were able to get in for $30 (for all 3 of us) because Hanna, Brandon and Grace had coupons with their season passes! This was Kaitlynn's first trip to Six Flags! Dave, Brandon and Grace went off to ride some of the big rides while Hanna, Kaitlynn and I went to Bugs Bunny National Park. Kaitlynn met Porky Pig. Kaitlynn and Hanna rode the Grand Ole Carousel. Kaitlynn played in Bugs Bunny Fort Run (the tree house). Kaitlynn, Hanna and I rode the Yosemite Sam Tugboat Tailspin. Kaitlynn rode Taz's Twisters with another little girl. The girl kept spinning the ride and Kaitlynn didn't like it, so the ride was stopped early. We met up with Dave, Brandon and Grace and went to Hurricane Harbor where we spent the rest of the day. We played in the water and then went on the Big Kahuna. We had to split up on the ride so Dave, Brandon and Grace rode in one raft. Kaitlynn, Hanna and I rode in another. Kaitlynn was a little afraid at first but loved it so much she wanted to do it again (but we didn't). We went in the Gulley Washer Creek and Hook's Lagoon (where we spent a lot of time). It really made the heat bearable. That evening we headed to explore the rest of the park. Kaitlynn loved hanging out with Grace, Brandon and Hanna. Dave and Grace went to ride Mr. Freeze. Kaitlynn, Brandon, Hanna and I went to Scooby Doo Mystery of the Scary Swamp. Kaitlynn was a little afraid on that ride. Kaitlynn, Dave, Hanna and I rode the Grand Ole Carousel. Kaitlynn, Grace and Brandon rode Foghorn Leghorn National Park Railway. We rode Thunder River, Tidal Wave, Moon Antique Cars (Kaitlynn drove Hanna around) and the Log Flume. Kaitlynn is my little rollercoaster girl! She would hold her hands up in the air and yell "Woo hoo! Mommy can I do this again?" She loved riding the Bugs Bunny Ranger Pilots with Grace and the Elmer Fudd Weather Balloons with Hanna and then with Grace and Brandon. She fell and hurt the top of her foot when we were rushing to see when the parade started. It wasn't too bad thankfully. We stayed for the Glow in the Park Parade which was awesome! We had a blast at Six Flags! Kaitlynn loved it and keeps asking to go back to "the beach"!

Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to Applebee's for dinner after Six Flags. They have half price appetizers after 9PM or some locations 10PM. Kaitlynn slept on the booth seat, so Dave and I got to enjoy a dinner out as a couple. We were so ready for bed when we got home! What a long day!

Peach Picking, Grant's Farm and Lone Elk Park

Tuesday, August 10th, Kaitlynn, Dave, Hanna, Brandon and I went to the MLM Playdate at Eckert's for peach picking. Our friends Tabby and Hailey met us there. The kids got to pick for free! We saw several fellow MLMers there. It was a hot one, but our plan was to get there early, pick peaches and cool off in the market and restaurant. And that's just what we did! On the wagon ride back, Brandon was pretending to throw his hat off the wagon. Kaitlynn walked over to him, grabbed his hat and threw it over. I guess that's what he gets for pretending! Hanna and Brandon had to ride the next wagon back to get it. We walked around the market and sampled some fruit and peach desserts. We had a delicious lunch at the Country Restaurant and then had some frozen custard at the custard shop. Despite the heat, we had a fun time.
Here is video from MLM. Kaitlynn (actually all of us are) in quite a bit of the video. If there is a problem with the embeded video, here is the link to the video.

We went to Grant's Farm for the rest of the afternoon. We survived feeding the goats before the rain came pouring down! The goats were pretty wild and hungry! We waited out the rain inside the gift shop. The rain was nice because it helped kind of cool things off a tiny bit. Kaitlynn, Brandon, Hanna and Dave rode the carousel. Before we left Kaitlynn, Brandon and Hanna enjoyed snow cones.

We drove through Lone Elk Park and saw a few animals. We had Brandon and Hanna over for dinner and some SpongeBob.
What a fun, but hot and exhausting day!

Last Parent / Tot Swim Class

Monday the 9th, started Dave's week vacation from work and school. We just relaxed at the house all day to recover from the float trip and the late night. Kaitlynn had her last parent / tot swim class. Dave was unable to come because he started playing in a softball league through church. Before swim class, I talked with Kaitlynn's teacher Lauren about her older daughter. Class started and the kids worked on kicking, sang the Duck song, worked on swim stroke by reaching for a toy, sang the Popcorn song, worked on getting in and out of the pool, sang Wheels on the Bus and then went to the shallow water. I talked with Lauren some more about her older daughter and she mentioned that she babysits. We talked about Kaitlynn's turtle, dance class, level 1 swim class teachers and Flip and Dip class. Afterwards, Kaitlynn played with a little girl from her class named Jocelyn while I talked with her dad. Kaitlynn and I went to get a special treat from Fritz's after the pool closed!

I was kind of sad when we got home from swimming. Kaitlynn had such a great bond with Lauren. A bond that began instantly. It was so awesome to see her trust another adult like that. When we brought her to her first swim class, she was fearful of swimming pools and after the first class, her confidence had greatly increased. She was like a different child. She trusted Lauren from the beginning. It was awesome to see Kaitlynn blossom with another adult, to try things that she wouldn't do with us. I don't know if Kaitlynn will miss her, but I sure will. I will miss seeing Kaitlynn bond with this really great person / teacher. We were truly blessed to have such a wonderful teacher! We couldn't have asked for a better one. I hope that we will be able to stay in contact with Lauren. We will sure try.

Kaitlynn's First Float Trip

Sunday the 8th, Kaitlynn went on her first float trip. Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw, Jeff, Hanna, Adam, Denise, Brandon and I met at Hardee's for breakfast and then headed out to Ozark Outdoors in Leasburg, MO. We rented a raft and Adam brought his canoe. We had such a fun time! It was Brandon's first float trip too and kind of a celebration for his 10th birthday (which was on the 6th). We were well prepared with river ritas, river nuts, sandwiches, chips, jello shots (and virgin ones for Kaitlynn and Brandon), water and soda. We floated for 7+hours! Kaitlynn loved it!

We had such a late night. After floating, we went to Applebee's for a late dinner. Kaitlynn passed out in the car.

Back to School Shopping and Super Eyes

Saturday, the 7th, I delivered Avon and we did Back to School shopping. Our first ever experience! Of course, I have been stressing about Back to School shopping. Why? I have no idea. She only needed a backpack, lunch box, cup without a lid, box of tissues and ziploc storage bags. We let Kaitlynn pick out her backpack and lunch box. First she picked out a Dora and Boots backpack. Then she wanted a Tinker Bell one. We looked at lunch boxes and she liked the Disney Princess one (with all the princesses). As we were leaving the school supply aisle, she said she wanted a princess bookbag. We went back to the bookbags. She said she wanted one with Tiana and Snow White. There were 2 princess bookbags - one had just 3 princesses and the other had the same princesses as her lunch box. We picked out some clothes for school. Dave actually picked out the cutest outfit for her first day. I couldn't wait to see her wear it! It's so cute and it actually made me excited for Kaitlynn to start school.

We went to church. The Summer Series continued. One of our youth pastors spoke about how to handle trials and trying times by sharing some scriptural insights. We also had BackPack Attack.
Kaitlynn's class learned that "Balaam's donkey had super eyes." Numbers 22. One of the points of this story was "who can help you have super eyes so you can see trouble and go the other way?" The memory verse is "Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power!" Ephesians 6:10. Kaitlynn was so cute talking about super eyes and going the other way.

Park Playdate, Jungle Boogie and The Boathouse

Friday, August 6th, Kaitlynn and I attended a playdate at Creve Coeur Park with some moms and kiddos from our church. We had beautiful weather for the playdate! Unfortunately, soon after we got there, Jill's 4 year old fell off the playground equipment and hurt her arm. Jill and her 3 kids left to go to the ER. Later, I texted Jill and found out that her daughter broke her arm. Poor baby! The rest of the moms and kiddos stayed and played at the park. I put Kaitlynn's swimsuit on under her clothes because the park has a sprinkler. When the sprinkler turned on, I let Kaitlynn run around in her swimsuit; only thing is, she refused to get in the sprinkler. Oh well! Her and Jackson had a great time. She finally found a friend that loves sticks and rocks as much as she does!! We ate lunch and played some more. We were the last from the group to leave because Kaitlynn kept wanting to swing.

That evening, Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I went to the Zoo for Jungle Boogie. Spur / John Henry Band was playing. We rode on the train then Kaitlynn and MawMaw rode the carousel. Don't ask me how, but they rode twice for the price of one ride. We met up with Teri, Hayden and Quin.

We went over to The Boathouse with Teri, Hayden, Quin, and some of their friends. As soon as we got there, Kaitlynn was running and fell. She scraped her right knee up pretty bad. We all sat outside listening to the band while the kids ran around. It was such a beautiful night, great music and fun company. We had Frostys from Wendy's afterwards! Yum!