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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rombach's and Church

Saturday, September 25th after leaving Millstadt Eckert's, we picked up lunch and went to MawMaw's. She went with us to Rombach's Farm. We were there for about an hour.

We put Kaitlynn up on this tractor to take a picture and after we took her down, we noticed a sign placed on one side that said not to climb on. Ooops!

Walking through the pumpkin patch

Kaitlynn picked out a mini pumpkin that she wanted and carried the basket with MawMaw's gourds. We had a fun time!

We headed to church after Rombach's closed. We got there a little early, so we sat outside.
Kaitlynn attended her class. Their lesson was "God helps me. The Bible has true stories." They heard the story of Joshua. God told Joshua to march around the walls of Jericho. They sang "B-I-B-L-E", "Happy Dance", "Thank You Lord" and "Shout Hooray."
This was the last in the Organic Christianity series and was about taking some crucial steps to making our faith organic. After the service different stations were set up for the 3 E's (Explore, Express, Experience) and for community. Handouts were given available on different Bible reading plans. We enjoyed some kettle corn made by one of our church families. It was delicious!

We went to Target and then to
Applebees for dinner. Kaitlynn had to bring in her Cinderella dolls to dinner, a late dinner. MawMaw spent the night at our house.

Apple Fest

Saturday, September 25th, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to the Millstadt Eckert's for Apple Fest. Originally, we planned to go to the Grafton one, but the leaves hadn't changed enough to make the drive on the River Road beautiful. We had 2 coupons for free admission to the Millstadt farm so it only cost $8 for all 3 of us to get in.

Kaitlynn looking at the pumpkins
Riding the swings
Kaitlynn and I riding in the Spinning Apple
Airplane ride (this plane didn't have a wheel). Kaitlynn was so upset that she got stuck with this one. I agree that it was crummy!
Getting on the camel to ride all by herself! What a brave girl!!
Riding Sinbad the camel. Didn't realize how tall camels actually are until I saw my baby riding on one!
Pony ride. Kaitlynn asked the guy what the pony's name was but we couldn't understand him, even after we asked for clarification several times.
Riding a tricycle
Playing on the green tractorFeeding the buffalo. Kaitlynn didn't like their tongues.

Eating an apple
Picking Golden Delicious apples
Picking Red Delicious Apples
Kaitlynn rode the airplanes again, but this time we made sure she got one with a wheel. That really needs to be fixed. What kid wants to ride in a plane that is missing the wheel?
Getting ready to go through the Corn Maze
Kaitlynn paid for this mini pumpkin on her own. She went up to the cashier and asked her how much it was. She was so freaking cute! If I was the cashier I would have just given it to her! Melted my heart!