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Monday, November 15, 2010

Camping Out

The last week of September I had nothing but trouble with the new Flipshare software (for the Flip Video). I have been emailing with the Flipshare support people and they have yet to fix the issue. I downloaded their newest software and since then I have not been able to view any of my current or past videos. I can't do anything with the videos except receive error messages. It sucks!!!! I do not recommend downloading the new software. Bad idea!

Friday, October 1st, I babysat Max. Kaitlynn and I didn't do much. I had a quick doctor's appointment. While at the appointment, Kaitlynn and Dave put up the tent in the backyard for our camp out. Hanna came over. She cut Dave's hair, trimmed Kaitlynn's bangs and cut my bangs (side swept bangs). We grilled out. Adam came over. We hung outside by the fire (in the firepit) and roasted marshmallows and made s'mores. We also had pumpkin beer. It was my first time drinking pumpkin beer. It was pretty good!

After Hanna and Adam left, Kaitlynn, Dave and I dressed in our warm pajamas and went to bed in our sleeping bags in the tent. It went really well! Kaitlynn was asleep in no time! The ground was really hard, though. We need an air mattress for next time!!

7th Week in Preschool

Wednesday September 29th, I didn't babysit Max because he was sick. Kaitlynn and I relaxed, she took a bath, got ready for preschool and packed her snack. We got to preschool a little early, so she could play in the Commons area.

I picked up Kaitlynn from preschool. Miss M said that Tuesday Kaitlynn wanted to be in front of the book the teacher was reading, but the kids behind her couldn't see so they had her sit down. She almost immediately started playing around with other kids near her. Miss M said that this could be a focus / attention thing. She said it's really good if Kaitlynn already knows what she needs to be able to pay attention / focus on something. We are keeping track of this due to the original vision screening in August (even though the school nurse re-screened her and had no concerns).

We got our usual drinks and went to MawMaw's. Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car, which she typically does since Tuesdays are so busy, so by Wednesday she is wore out. When she woke up we went to dinner, which was not a good idea because she had a major temper tantrum at the end of dinner.

Thursday the 30th, I attended my Women's Bible Study at church. When I got home, I got Kaitlynn ready for preschool and packed her snack. While Kaitlynn was in preschool, I toured Club Fitness and Gold's Gym. I picked up MawMaw, so she could go with me to pick up Kaitlynn from preschool.

We picked Kaitlynn up. The daily schedule said they read "The One and Only Special Me", sorted bears by color in the water table, used the puppet stage to tell the story of "Five Little Monkeys", went outside to play on the playground and did yoga (learned the bumble bee breath).

We got our drinks and went home. Kaitlynn didn't want to leave the house, so I just picked up dinner and then later some ice cream. She was perfectly content relaxing on the couch (with MawMaw).

Dave signed a contract for us to join C.F. He got "special" pricing through his work. He has been really good about working out, going like 2 - 5 times per week.

Busy Day Just Got Busier

Tuesday, September 28th, I watched Max. He went with us to Kaitlynn's dance class. It was observation week. I kind of felt bad because Kaitlynn was the only girl who didn't have other people (besides the usual person) there to watch. She didn't mind though / seem to notice. She did, however, notice that the blinds were open and that all these people were starring at them. Between looking at herself in the mirror and looking at the people watching her, she was a little distracted! Can't say I blame her!! It was super cute watching Kaitlynn during the observation class, although because she was distracted, I can't say it was a good guide as to what she has learned so far.

We came home for lunch, got dressed for preschool and packed a snack. When I dropped Kaitlynn off, in her cubbie was information about her first Scholastic Book Order and Picture Day. Picture Day was October 5th and the Book Order was due the 6th. I was so excited about both of these things!

I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. The daily schedule said they read "Cookies Week", started working in journal writing groups, made a cellophane collage at the project table, went outside to play on the playground and in music sang / listened to "Mat Man." They worked together to draw Mat Man.

We went to Circle K for our usual drinks and then came home to rest.

Kaitlynn attended swim class. Both instructors were present and 6 kids were in the class. They dove for rings, poured a cup of water on their heads and popped the bubble in the shallow water. They went to the deeper water and swam with a noodle, floated and jumped into the water (to an instructor). They went back over to the shallow water to slide down the slide. Kaitlynn hit her knee while going up the ladder.

Dave came home with 2 week trial passes to Club Fitness for both of us!

Kaitlynn and Dave spent time together while I attended a class at the ECC called Love, Limits and Laughter (for children 3-5 years of age). It's a 4 week class.