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Monday, December 13, 2010

Dance, Preschool, Swim, LLL Class

Tuesday, October 12th I had an early morning doctor appointment then I babysat Max. Kaitlynn had dance class. There were 5 kids in class (1 was making up a class from Saturday). The girls looked through books and picked out the costumes they liked for their recital. After dance we went home to eat lunch and get ready for preschool. We packed her lunch (apple, doritos and granola bar) in her lunch box. We got to preschool a little early, so Kaitlynn had a few minutes to play in the Commons area. Kaitlynn received her Scholastic books that we ordered.

When I picked Kaitlynn up, the daily schedule said they read "Friends at School," worked with a friend to make colored glue projects: 1 person squeezed the glue and 1 person spun the lazy susan, they went outside to play on the playground and in music they sang "I like somebody." We received a memo that later in the month the kids would be receiving hearing screenings. They had a special helper in class (an older lady).

Ms. Maureen said that one of the stories they read in class talked about the kids painting the fence at school, so the kids asked if they could do that too. They asked the director and she said the kids could. They had fun painting the fence surrounding the playground. Kaitlynn had red paint in her hair! She kept saying she had chickenpox because Ms. Maureen told her she had red spots (paint) all over her and that sometimes when people have red spots on them they have chickenpox.

Kaitlynn got her special drink and we went home to rest before swim class.
At swim class there4 were 6 kids and 2 instructors. The kids dove for rings, poured water over their heads with a cup, popped the bubble with their noses, played red light/green light, then all the kids seemed to need to take a potty break before heading to the deeper pool. The used a noodle to swim with an instructor, Tori used Kaitlynn to be the demo for floating and then the kids got to play in the shallow water (going down the slide - which Kaitlynn refuses to do anymore).

After swim class, I took Kaitlynn home, where she and Dave hung out while I attended LLL class.

Stuckmeyer's and Fright Fest

Sunday October 10th, Dave, Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I met Hanna and Adam at Stuckmeyer's. We had a fun time. Kaitlynn had fun playing with Hanna and Adam on the slides. Kaitlynn helped us all find our way out of the maze. She enjoyed some kettle corn. Kaitlynn and Hanna made a couple Halloween crafts: door knob hanger and a bookmark. We picked out a big pumpkin and took some photos. Kaitlynn had 9 pumpkins now with the purchase of the big one.

We went by to pick up Brandon and we went to Bread Co for lunch before heading to Six Flag's Fright Fest. Kaitlynn wore her costume, Alice in Wonderland. Kaitlynn, MawMaw and I did the Trick or Treat trail first and then rode the moon cars while Dave, Hanna, Adam and Brandon went to ride some rides. We went to the Palace for a show but it kind of freaked Kaitlynn out. Kaitlynn and Brandon rode some rides and played at Bugs Bunny's fort. Somehow we all lost our minds and decided to get on the train. Of course we ended up sitting near the front and it ended up being too scary for Kaitlynn and Brandon.

On our way out of the park, this lady offered to buy Kaitlynn a ball that she wanted. I was so shocked, I didn't know what to say. It was very sweet and nice of the lady.
In the parking lot, Kaitlynn and Brandon were playing with the basketball he won and Kaitlynn fell down right on her face and scraped her face up. She was OK, but had a scrape above her left eyebrow and eye.
We had a fun day at Stuckmeyer's and Fright Fest!

On Monday, I had a doctor appointment. Then I babysat Max. Later that evening Kaitlynn decorated (put stickers) on the mini pumpkins we purchased for all of her teachers (at school and dance). She also decorated brown lunch bags for each of the pumpkins and an apple to go in.