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Friday, December 17, 2010

Dance, Preschool, Swim and Last LLL Class

Tuesday October 19th, Kaitlynn had dance class. After class, Ms. Julie gave each of the girls a laffy taffy. Kaitlynn loves laffy taffy! We came home, ate lunch and Kaitlynn got ready for preschool. While packing her snack (grapes and chex mix), I noticed there was an issue with her lunch box.
Apparently, it was on the stove (but not near the burners) and the heat from the oven melted the handle.
So I scrambled to find her another lunch box and thankfully she was happy to use it.

We were still having issues with the laptop. It mysteriously started working, so I immediately started backing the files up. It still wasn't working right though.

We got to preschool a few minutes early, so Kaitlynn played in the Commons area. We saw Ms. Amy, her PAT Educator. She complimented Kaitlynn's shoes matching her outfit. Kaitlynn was happy to see her.

While Kaitlynn was at school I went to Target. When I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool the daily schedule said they read "It's Pumpkin Time", played at the pumpkin patch area, drew jack-o-lantern faces, played store, went outside to play on the playground and sang a Halloween song. Kaitlynn brought home a leaf she collected from the playground. We got her special drink and then went home to rest before swim class.

It was the last night of the Tuesday Tadpole Swimming class. I am going to miss a couple of the moms from that class. I hope to stay in contact with Jessica and her little girl Helen. There only ended up being 3 kids in the last class. They found the rings in the shallow pool, poured water on themselves, popped the bubble, practiced their swim strokes and kicking. In the deep water they used a noodle to help with swimming, floated with the instructors and jumped in the pool to the instructors. At the end of class, the instructors gave each kid a treat bag. We had to borrow Helen's towel because we left the house without grabbing Kaitlynn's! Another good parenting moment!!!

After swim class, I went to my last LLL class. We all brought in a snack to share with the group. We had a smorgasbord of stuff to eat all while finish up on learning about Love, Limits and Laughter (with our kids).