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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

11th Week of Preschool

Wednesday, October 27th I babysat and then went to a staff and volunteer luncheon at church. Before leaving for lunch, I helped Kaitlynn get ready for school. We packed her snack (chex mix, goldfish and raisins). Dave took Kaitlynn to preschool.

As I was leaving the luncheon, I noticed there was a call from Kaitlynn's school and from Dave. I called Dave and he said that the school called and said Kaitlynn had pink eye and that she needed to be picked up after the field trip to the high school. I called and talked to the school nurse. She said Kaitlynn's right eye was red, bloodshot and had a discharge. I made an appointment at the pediatrician's office.

While waiting for Kaitlynn and her class to get back from the field trip, I bought her a special drink. Kaitlynn didn't want to leave school. The pink eye had spread to her left eye too. When they came back from the field trip, it was snack time. She got her lunch box and went to find a spot at the table. I almost wasn't able to get her to leave. It made me so sad, but happy that she likes school so much. Thankfully I had that special drink in the car. When we got outside, we found a stray dog. It came to us and I called the phone number on the tag. No one answered. I didn't know what to do after calling the number a few times. I had to get Kaitlynn to the doctor. The dog ended up running away from us when I opened my car door. I left another message for the dog owners letting them know the situation and where we last saw their dog.
The high school students gave each of the kids a bag of candy / goodies.

Kaitlynn saw the nurse practitioner. She was diagnosed with pink eye / conjunctivitis and was prescribed eye drops to be used 2 times a day for 3-5 days. The NP said she could go back to school the next day. I relayed the information to the school nurse.
Putting eye drops in her eyes was not so easy!

Kaitlynn was so concerned about the stray dog we found and where his family was. Thankfully the owner called me after Kaitlynn's doctor appointment and said they found the dog. Kaitlynn kept asking if we could go see the dog and his family. It was hard getting her to understand that the dog is with his family and that we probably wouldn't see the dog (or his family) again. She has such a sweet and sensitive heart and love for everyone, especially animals.

Thursday, October 28th I babysat. Kaitlynn got ready for preschool. It was very strange taking her to school in her jammies! They were having a Halloween Pajama Party.

Dave and I both came to the party. We signed up to bring cups, napkins and do a craft. I wasn't sure if I would be brave enough to wear a pair of my Halloween pjs to the party, but I was. The things we do for our kids! Don't worry, Kaitlynn gave me permission that morning to wear them. Kaitlynn's teachers were also in their jammies. Dave and I were the only dorky enough parents to dress for the party though!!!

It was a fun party. Kaitlynn was upset at the end of the day. She made me a skeleton necklace like hers, but couldn't find it. Not sure what happened to it. We got special drinks after school and then picked up MawMaw.

Kaitlynn had her first Thursday night Tadpole / Level 1 swim class.

We ate dinner and ran some errands. MawMaw had to get a Halloween costume for preschool. She picked a doctor's costume.
Kaitlynn had to try part of the costume on (and doctor Daisy of course)!

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  1. Holy cow! That's a lot going on Mama! Sounds like she is loving preschool which is great! My P loves it too!