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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

12th Week of Dance and 15th Week of Preschool

Monday, November 22nd, I babysat.
I found Kaitlynn laying under the Christmas tree.
Later, we took MawMaw to a doctor appointment.

Tuesday, the 23rd, I babysat. Kaitlynn had dance class. She took Mrs. B and Ms. Julie a loaf of pumpkin bread and a half dozen pumpkin muffins each, along with a Halloween / Thanksgiving card.

After dance, we came home for lunch, got ready for preschool and packed her snack (pretzels and an apple). We took the 2 teachers and 2 assistants in Kaitlynn's classroom plus the speech therapist (who doesn't work with Kaitlynn but spends time in the classroom) each a loaf of bread, half a dozen muffins and a Halloween / Thanksgiving card. Do the teachers really eat the baked goods brought in? I think I would if I was a teacher. Dave teased me that I did all that baking just to have the teachers throw it all away. I hope not, but if they did that's fine too.
Kaitlynn had a good day at school.
Kaitlynn didn't have preschool the rest of the week due to Thanksgiving break.

Wednesday, the 24th, Kaitlynn and I just hung around the house, rested and played with her toys. While I was resting, Kaitlynn and I were talking. I asked her how many kids she wanted to have when she grows up. She said she wanted to have 5 kids! Big family! I got such a kick out of that and thought it was so cute! I love my little girl! I wasn't feeling well (that's the reason we were resting). I had a cough and a horrible headache. Thankfully, we had cough medicine in the house!

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