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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

14th Week of Preschool

Wednesday, November 17th, I babysat. Kaitlynn got ready for preschool and we packed her snack (pringles and raisins). While Kaitlynn was at preschool, I went for blood work and picked MawMaw up from work. We went to Circle K to get Kaitlynn's special drink before picking her up. While there, one of the workers that I see a lot from going to this particular location often was smoking a cigarette. Not a big deal you say? Well to me it was because she is pregnant and due in February. I was so shocked and stunned I didn't know what to do or say (if anything). I am not trying to be judgemental, but seriously the proven affects that has on an unborn baby are extreme and that is just selfish and appalling. I didn't say anything to her and just hurriedly got in my car. What would you have done? Would you have said something to her?

Anyway, we picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. The daily schedule said they read "Rabbit Stew" - a story about clever rabbits and a hungry dog, played Ice Cream Scoops of Fun - a matching game, illustrated story pages based on the book "Potluck," played outside on the playground and in music sang / listened to "Turkey Hunt." Kaitlynn picked 2 mittens off of the Giving Hands / Mittens Snowman. We ran some errands and went to the mall. Kaitlynn played in the play area for a bit after we ate dinner and did some shopping.

That evening I took some pictures of Lever, since I hadn't taken any since we first got him. I've tried to get pictures of him but he is one excited puppy and hard to photgraph. He is 9 months old and has grown quite a bit since we adopted him in the Spring.
He has such an adorable face!

Thursday, the 18th, I attended my Women's Group. Actually the Women's Bible Study I was in through church is over with, but the women in my group (at my table) decided to continue meeting once a month. This was our first meeting outside of the actual Bible Study. It was so great to see these women and catch up with them again. Only 1 of the ladies wasn't able to meet with us and 1 had left the group before the end of the Bible Study through church. We decided that we would start reading "I Quit" by Geri Scazzero. We are going to discuss 1 chapter a month.
Kim gave each of us these with different sayings on them. How sweet!

After the group, I went home to get Kaitlynn ready for preschool and packed her snack (pretzels and an apple).
Kaitlynn trying on her new hat and gloves for school.

While Kaitlynn was in school, I went grocery shopping. Thanksgiving grocery shopping completed!

The daily schedule said they read "Shake My Sillies Out," played Ice Cream Scoops of Fun, built with Scooby Doo characters in the block center, played outside on the playground and had Yoga.

She fell asleep when we got home and slept until almost 7PM. We missed swim class because I couldn't wake her up. She was so tired. Later she said she had a tummy ache.

I had been waiting for the Halloween / Thanksgiving cards I ordered to come. After checking my account to see the status of the order, I realized it was still in "my cart"! Duh! So I had to put a rush on them. Let that be a lesson to everyone. Check your carts when you order something to make sure the order went through!

On a good note, I bought Kaitlynn a preschooler's devotional and we have been reading it each night before bed. She seems to really like it!

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