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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

6th Wedding Anniversary

Friday, November 5th, I finally got all my emails from my inbox cleaned out! I babysat. I was supposed to have a procedure done, but couldn't so it was rescheduled for the 8th. I was nervous about getting it done so I was kind of glad it was reschedule, but then I had to think about it all weekend. That wasn't good either!

Dave got a special U2 Presale ticket event email, so we got our tickets for the concert on July 17th. So excited!

Saturday, the 6th, was Dave and my 6th Wedding Anniversary! Kaitlynn went to MawMaw's. She was so excited because MawMaw watched her and Brandon. She was talking about it all week and couldn't wait! She has so much fun with Brandon. Dave and I went to Momo's, a Greek restaurant that has belly dancing. It was a fun evening with great food and a unique atmosphere! We enjoyed a bottle of wine, some appetizers / tapas, dinner and belly dancing. After dinner, we went to River City Casino (not to gamble). I just wanted to see the new casino. We didn't have a real late night. I guess that means we are getting old. Actually, I think it just means that we are comfortable being with each other and being at home!

Sunday, the 7th, we went to church. We started a new series on "Forgiveness: A Most Difficult Word." We started with discussing asking for forgiveness and why it is such an important thing to God.
Kaitlynn attended her class. I think it is so funny that she chose a dark haired girl as her picture. First she told me it was her sister, then said it was her. Too funny! They learned that "God gives us our family."
It was also the day to bring items in for the Christmas store. It was so overwhelming to see all the great things that the church community brought in for the store!

After church, Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's because Dave had to work and do some school homework. MawMaw and I took Kaitlynn to the mall where we ate lunch, shopped and Kaitlynn played in the play area.

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