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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

Thursday, November 25th, MawMaw and I decided last minute to go out shopping for Black Friday. Dave and Jeff stayed at MawMaw's to watch Kaitlynn. We left around 9:30 / 9:45PM to get to Toys R Us since the doors opened around 10PM. We couldn't believe the parking lot and then the line to get in. The line was wrapped around the back of the store at least. There was no way we were waiting outside in that cold night in that long of a line. We decided to go to WalMart while we let the line die down. We were at WalMart for awhile and then went back. The parking lot was better, but the line was still outrageous. We decided to head over to Denny's for some hot chocolate / cappuccino. Hanna and Adam ended up meeting us there. They went with us back over to Toys R Us and the line was gone, at this point it was midnight or after (on the 26th). We got most of the things we were going for and found a pretty short line! Got lucky there! Hanna and Adam went home. MawMaw and I decided to go have a snack at Steak n Shake. We went to one, but the had a skeleton crew working and no one was being waited on, so we left and went to a different one. We were the only ones in the other location. Funny how that works. Our plan was to go to Target when they opened. We went and got good parking. People were in tents outside the store, which is just crazy to me. We decided that it would take a while for them to let all the people waiting outside the store in that we would just go to Macy's. We got our shopping done there and headed back to Target. Had no problem getting the stuff we wanted from there, but the check out line - oh my! It was ridiculous. It was the longest wait ever! We went to WalMart where we finished up our shopping. We were definitely pooped and had shopped til we were ready to drop! We picked up breakfast from Hardees for everyone and went back to MawMaw's.

I couldn't believe I was out shopping on Black Friday. I really had no intentions of going. I knew my mom wanted too, but I really wasn't into it until I started looking at the sale ads. Plus I was feeling a little better. So I decided what the heck. We used to go Black Friday shopping. It ended up being successful and was great mother / daughter time!

After we ate breakfast, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went home. I slept the rest of the day. It really took a lot out of me.

MawMaw bought Kaitlynn a Baby Alive doll (the one that you feed baby food and it wets the diaper). Kaitlynn requested that we buy her a doll while out shopping. Anyway, it was so funny when I asked Kaitlynn her baby's name. She said, "Baby Gobbles!"

Later on Friday, Kaitlynn saw our wedding picture and asked if she could go there. I told her sure it was a church and that we would probably take her to that church someday. She said "I want to get married." Um, yeah, your way too young for that kid!

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