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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dance and Preschool

Monday, November 8th, I babysat. Dave and Kaitlynn went with me to my procedure at the hospital. On the way there, Kaitlynn said, "Yea, I was on tv! Take my picture with Presley and send it in so I can be on tv again!" She was referring to the picture that Heather (from MLM) took of Kaitlynn and her daughter Presley at the MLM Trick or Treat Playdate. It was on tv, I think the news later that day. I was surprised at Kaitlynn bringing it up since it was a week and a half ago. My doctor was running almost an hour behind, so Kaitlynn and Dave waited with me in the waiting area until I went back. The procedure didn't take long and was not that painful thankfully. The results were great as well. My cell phone screen went out, so we had to go to At&t to get a new one. I had only that phone for less than a month. Very frustrating!

Tuesday, the 9th, I had an early morning lab and doctor appointment. I babysat. Kaitlynn had dance class. After dance, we came home and ate lunch. Kaitlynn packed her snack (fritos and raisins) and got ready for preschool. We arrived at preschool a little early so she played with Dominic, a friend from her class at the train tables for a few minutes. We also brought groceries in for the Food drive. After I dropped her off, I had to pick up a package at FedEx.

After preschool, Kaitlynn told me that a girl in her class told her to "get away." Kaitlynn was a little saddened by that. We talked about that and otherwise she had a good day. She brought home a new emergency phone list and a memo explaining a new Character Development Program ("The Magic Is In Us"). Basically a puppet, Martin the Magician, will introduce a story of a chosen topic. The topic this fall is learning about each child's uniqueness. The topic was selected from the MO Pre-K Social and Emotional Development Standards and Approaches to Learning. They are focusing on the Standard - Knowledge of Others: Builds Relationships and Mutual Trust and Respect with Others.

We visited MawMaw and had dinner with her before coming home.

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