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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Dance, Preschool and Winter Wonderland

Tuesday, December 7th, Kaitlynn had dance class. After dance, we went home to have lunch and Kaitlynn got ready for preschool. We packed her snack (raisins and pretzel sticks). Kaitlynn had a December Healthy Kids Newsletter in her cubie on sleep.

I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool and Ms. Maureen said Kaitlynn had a hard time focusing in class and was very sleepy. This has been Kaitlynn's behavior in dance and preschool the last several weeks. It's been completely strange behavior for her. Ms. Maureen said she couldn't sit still during circle time / story time / group time. She would start spinning on the carpet or lay down. She even tried laying on the table during snack time. Can I say, her behavior was completely off. Ms. Maureen and I talked about Kaitlynn being on children's Zyrtec (liquid form) and children's Delsym (per her doctor's / NP's orders). She suggested I call the doctor about Kaitlynn's behavior and whether it could be a side effect from the medications.
The daily schedule said they read Who Can Catch the Gingerbread Man? together on the pocket chart, added characters from The Gingerbread Man to the block center, played in the gym and in music listened / sang to "Gingerbread Village."

When we got to the car, I called the doctor's office and spoke with one of the nurses. She kind of ticked me off because she said that she had never heard of a link / behavior side effect from Zyrtec or Delsym (which she is wrong about. In talking to people, I have had many people tell me there is a link or possibility). She said Kaitlynn was probably just not feeling well, but if I thought these medications were affecting her then stop giving them to her. I was so mad when I got off the phone with her. After she said that, I just hung up. I'm not sure if I was being sensitive or just feeling defeated. I just didn't know what to do about her recent behavior and was at a loss because it was so out of character for her. And if I stopped giving her the medications, what the heck was I supposed to do about her allergies and cough. When she starts coughing, I always get fearful that she will get Croup again. I decided to stop the Zyrtec and Delsym and see how her behavior was after a week or so off them.

Kaitlynn, Dave and I went to MawMaw's where Hanna and Adam met us. Hanna cut Kaitlynn's bangs. They grow so fast. Then we all went to the MLM Winter Wonderland Carriage Ride in Tilles Park. We had never done the carriage ride to see the lights in the park. It was beautiful, but cold. The horses names were Buzz and Woody!
After the carriage ride, we went to Denny's for some hot chocolate / cappuccino.

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