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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fall Pictures and Santa's Arrival

Friday, November 12th, I had another early doctor appointment. I babysat. Kaitlynn tried on her Thanksgiving outfit and I took pictures of her in the front and back yards. After she started climbing a tree in our backyard, I made her change her clothes (after many cute pictures). She wanted to play in the leaves again. She wanted me to make a jump pile for her. That's what she calls a pile of leaves! Isn't that cute?
I had so much fun taking pictures of her playing and having fun in the leaves and climbing the tree.
While she was playing in the front yard, I looked over in the neighbor's yard and saw Sassy (our puggle) over there. I ran to the back yard to get her back in our yard. She scaled the fence back over and then almost immediately started attacking Bailey (our chihuahua terrier). I yelled for Kaitlynn to go inside because she was in the front yard. It took forever to get Sassy off of Bailey and I broke a nail in the process! Not sure what got into her. Crazy dog!

After Dave got home, we went to The Mills for Santa's Arrival. It seemed a little weird going for Santa's Arrival and to see the Lighting of the Salvation Army Tree before Thanksgiving. We renewed Kaitlynn's kidgit's membership. She got a t-shirt, a teddy bear and to spin the wheel. Kaitlynn didn't like seeing Santa and wouldn't stand by him to get her picture taken. She liked the tree lighting. She had fun playing in the play area, riding around in one of the mall strollers and riding the train. The train now goes around the mall instead of just in a small circle. We had a nice dinner at Casa Gallardo.

Saturday, the 13th, we didn't do much. I was having pains in my stomach, had a slight headache and was nauseous. I used the heating pad a lot of the day. Kaitlynn rode her jeep in the front yard and played in the back yard with Dave. Dave also made her a jump pile in the front yard.

Sunday, the 14th, we missed church. Later after I felt better, Kaitlynn and I met Tia, Annabelle and Alayna at Buder Park after picking up McDonald's for lunch. It was our first time at that park. I liked the park with the exception that the bathrooms were already closed for season / year. Now living in St. Louis, that is absolutely absurd to me. We get some really nice fall days that make for great park days. Not having a bathroom just doesn't work for us. What was a mom to do? Kaitlynn had to go to the bathroom and had to go immediately, so I just let her go near a bush. I have never let her do that before, but it was an emergency. Later, while Kaitlynn and Annabelle were playing, Kaitlynn said she had to go to the bathroom and started pulling her pants down. I was so embarrassed. Thankfully she hasn't done anything like that since!

Later, we went to MawMaw's to run some errands and had dinner with her. While at MawMaw's, Kaitlynn saw a picture of Dave and me. She said "Is that a picture of mommy and daddy?" MawMaw said, "Yeah when they were married." Kaitlynn said, "They were married! Oh my gosh, I can't believe it!"

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