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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

St. Nick's

Sunday, December 5th, we didn't know go to church because we were extremely exhausted from the 4th. I miss when we don't go to church, but like being able to watch the message on podcast.
Before Kaitlynn went to bed, we forgot to have her put her stocking out for St. Nick. So Dave and I just hung it on her bedroom door.

Monday, the 6th, when Kaitlynn woke up, we told her that St. Nick had left her some things in her stocking.
She got a pair of pjs, a couple pairs of fuzzy slipper socks, body paints and a letter from Santa.
Later that morning, Dave and Kaitlynn were in the living room. He fell asleep and Kaitlynn went in the kitchen to try to make herself some eggs. We found 2 eggs cracked on the kitchen floor and the fridge open.
I babysat. Kaitlynn and I picked MawMaw up from work and took her to a doctor appointment. We had dinner with MawMaw.

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