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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Thursday, November 25th, we went to MawMaw's. Hanna and Adam came over before she had to go to work. She trimmed Kaitlynn's hair while MawMaw and I cooked the food. Denise, Dan and Brandon came over too. Kaitlynn hid under the counter in the kitchen, where MawMaw and I were cooking, most of the time that Dan was there. She just doesn't like him. As a mom, I think it is important to teach your children to listen to that inner voice or inner feeling. If you don't feel comfortable around someone, trust your instincts. It's better to be safe. I don't want her to be afraid to act on her instincts because she might hurt someone's feelings. I think it will save her from a lot of trouble. We never force her to like someone, hug someone, etc. no matter who they are.
We also went to my grandma's. It is bitter sweet going there. She is my dad's mom and with him being gone it's tough to go down there, but also I guess I long for it too (as a way to help remember him).
The last picture of Kaitlynn cracks me up. We wanted to get her out of her skirt, so she didn't get it too dirty and all I had were these pink tight pants. Funny!

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