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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

15th Week of Dance and 18th Week of Preschool

Monday, December 13th, Kaitlynn practiced writing the letter "K".

Tuesday, the 14th, Kaitlynn was up coughing at 3:30AM. Anytime she has a cough, I always worry about her getting Croup again. After getting more rest she seemed fine, so she attended dance class. Her focus was much better than the previous weeks (when she was taking those medications). I paid for her dance costume. This is the costume her class is wearing for the recital.

After dance, we came home to eat lunch and get ready for preschool. We packed Kaitlynn's snack (a clementine and raisins) and headed to school. The December Healthy Kids Newsletter was sent home about Pertussis (Whooping Cough).
When I picked Kaitlynn up from school her daily schedule said they practiced their play "The Gingerbread Man," made pictures for their friend / classmate David who is moving and made scenery for the play, they played in the gym and sang "The 10 Days of Winter." Ms. Maureen said Kaitlynn had a good first part of the day, but then started spinning around, got tired and was laying down. She was able to play a game with the class and did sit still during reading even though she wasn't paying attention. I wasn't really surprised to hear that because of her waking up coughing and not getting her full amount of sleep. I took Kaitlynn to get her special drink.

I finally ordered checks. I did the silliest thing - used the last check without ever ordering new ones. Oops! I was sure we had another book somewhere. Oh well.

Wednesday, the 15th, our puppy, Lever, ate a tennis ball. That's right, actually ate almost the whole thing! Kaitlynn got ready for preschool and packed her snack (2 oatmeal cookies and an apple).
When I picked her up, the daily schedule said they performed the story of "The Gingerbread Man," built a gingerbread village in the block center, changed characters and performed "The Gingerbread Man during centers, played in the gym and sang "The 10 Days of Winter."

Dave had finals for the masters' classes he was taking. Kaitlynn and I made it an Imo's night!

Thursday, the 16th, Kaitlynn had her first snow day! Actually school was closed due to the ice. Kaitlynn had swim class. They had 1 instructor for 4 kids. Kaitlynn actually went down the slide. For some reason she had been boycotting the slide the last few months, but finally decided to go down it again. She went down it several times before class started. The kids dove for rings, played red light / green light. poured water on themselves, popped the bubble and sang "Ring Around the Pool." They went to the deep end and floated, used a noodle to swim, used a noodle to float, worked on arm circles and jumped in to the pool to the instructor.

Dave had more finals for his masters classes.

Friday, the 17th, Kaitlynn and I had a pretty easy going Friday. I did make a pretty good grilled cheese with tomato on it. I used olive oil, spices, mozzarella and american cheese and slices of tomato. It was pretty delicious!
That evening, she played with her yo yo,
danced with daddy
and posed for some pics with the Santa hat.

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