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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Announcement to My Family

Saturday, December 18th, we met MawMaw, Hanna, Brandon and Adam for lunch at Applebee's to announce our big news.

Kaitlynn wore her shirt announcing "This little princess is going to be a big sister" and we put a jacket over it (and had it zipped up). We were planning on having Kaitlynn take her jacket off once everyone arrived and then see how long it took for someone to notice her shirt. Well, Kaitlynn had other ideas! She refused to take the jacket off. She started to at first and then decided against it. I think I was finally able to get her to unzip it after going to the bathroom with her and telling her it was her princess shirt. Dave ended up just telling the news since she didn't want anyone to see her shirt / wouldn't let anyone read it. Then of course, she didn't mind showing her shirt off. She called it her princess shirt.
MawMaw cried when she heard the news. We passed the ultrasound picture around and announced the due date. The baby is due August 5th, 2 days after my older brother's birthday and 1 day before my nephew Brandon's birthday.

After lunch and running an errand, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went to church. Our message was one of hope and God's promise through the prophet Isaiah that one day this child born in a manger would suffer as the Lamb of God.
Kaitlynn attended her class. They heard the Christmas story from the Bible (Luke 1:26-38, 2:1-20) and learned about the angels, shepherds, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. "Thank You God, for baby Jesus."

Later, Kaitlynn helped bake cookies.

One thing I forgot to write in my previous post is that on November 24th, Kaitlynn and I were laying in my bed watching tv. Kaitlynn told me that I was going to have a baby. I said, "I am." She said, "Can we go pick the baby up from the hospital?" I told her we would have to pray / talk to Jesus about mommy having another baby. Little did I know she was correct and I would find out 3 days later!

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