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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Saturday, December 25th I was in a lot of abdominal pain. Kaitlynn slept in and we didn't start opening gifts until 10:30. It was hard to really enjoy Christmas and Kaitlynn opening her gifts because of all the pain I was in. It really put a damper on things. Dave was upset I was hurting and I was sad because I felt like I was missing out because of how horrible I felt. I was just trying to suck it up and deal with the pain until after Christmas.

Kaitlynn had some special gifts to open. We always wrap a box of chocolate covered cherries in memory of Dave's dad and for the last few years we wrap a jar of peanuts in memory of my dad (PawPaw Dado). Kaitlynn opened those this year. Previous years, Dave or I have opened them. Also this year, Kaitlynn received a harmonica. I bought this for her because my dad loved playing the harmonica. I can remember him buying them and we would hide them because he would drive us crazy playing it and singing to us. Now, what I would give to hear him play that harmonica and sing "Daddy's Home." Sweet memories!

Dave's big gift from Kaitlynn and me was the Cardinals jacket. My big gift from Dave and Kaitlynn was a gift certificate for Ginger Bay Spa.

Dave took Kaitlynn out to try out the new sled. They weren't out too long before Kaitlynn wanted to come back home because she was cold (and probably concerned about me).

We went to MawMaw's, where I sat on the couch with a heating pad most of the afternoon / evening. Kaitlynn opened up the rest of her gifts from MawMaw. She really enjoyed the dress up trunk! She made Aunt Neese put her track together for her car. Kaitlynn gave MawMaw and Uncle Jeff their gifts.

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