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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hospital Stay

On Sunday, December 26th, I woke up in pain somewhere between 12:30AM and 1AM. I tried taking a shower, but while in the shower realized it was time to go to the ER. The pain in my lower abdomen was not getting any better and I was getting really worried / concerned. Dave called MawMaw to come over to stay with Kaitlynn. MawMaw and Jeff arrived and Dave took me to the ER. I guess we got there about 2:30AM. I don't remember how long we waited in the waiting room before being taken back to a room. I don't think it was a long time, but I was in pain and exhausted, so I wasn't really thinking about that. They immediately thought it was my kidney stones. After doing blood work and checking my urine, they pretty much ruled that out. At first I refused any pain medication, but then the pain got really bad and I decided to give in. I was given morphine and an anti-nausea medication. The ER doctor was in contact with my OB throughout my stay in the ER. They decided to admit me so they could get some different ultrasounds done. I was admitted to a hospital room in the Women's Evaluation Unit around 5:15-5:30AM. I was happy to be in a room without a roommate (since those rooms are 1 person rooms - like the recovery rooms after you have a baby). I have to say this whole time I was extremely nervous to even ask the question about if the baby was OK. I guess I felt paralyzed when I thought of asking because of suffering the miscarriage in July. I just kept my faith and prayed to God that the baby would be alright. I had done a lot of praying and talking to God since the pain started on the 24th. The OB resident checked me and said they were going to do a renal and perinatal ultrasound on me. One of the OB's from my doctor's office came in to check on me and had to have someone called in to do the tests. They were worried that it was either my appendix, kidneys or that I had a baby in my uterus and in my fallopian tubes. I wasn't allowed to eat until after all my tests were complete, which sucked. I had a renal ultrasound on my left and right kidneys and bladder. The tech said things looked good. I had a perinatal ultrasound done of my ovaries and the baby. A high risk specialist oversaw this ultrasound. That ultrasound showed I still had many cysts on my ovaries. The baby was doing great. The heart rate was 163 and 160. Thank You God!!!
We saw the baby's arm and leg (which is marked in the top pic).
I went back up to my room where I was given some crackers and pain medication, which I became nauseous, hot, shaky and had a horrible headache. I ordered my lunch, but couldn't eat because I started vomiting. They started giving me different anti-nausea meds, because the other wasn't working. Finally I stopped vomiting. I wasn't able to eat my dinner until around midnight because I was so sick.

Monday, the 27th, one of the OB's in my doctor's office came to visit. She said they are assuming a cyst ruptured. She said I would need to basically be on bed rest at home and gave me more restrictions for the next 2 weeks. She said at that point they were worried I could twist an ovary. I was feeling better and they allowed me to take a shower on my own. After the shower, I started hurting again so was given more pain medication.

Dave had been staying up at the hospital with me. Sunday he was there almost all day and stayed the night. Monday he had to work. I asked him if he would bring Kaitlynn up after he got off work. I was really missing her and down that I hadn't seen her since she went to bed on Christmas. After work, Dave came up with MawMaw and Kaitlynn. I ate dinner and was discharged a little while after that. I was in the hospital 8 hours shy of 2 days. Dave and I decided that I am not allowed to go back to the hospital until I am ready to deliver this baby, which will hopefully not be until late July / early August! What a way to end Christmas!

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  1. Oh my goodness I'm so glad you are OK! I didn't know you were pregnant! Congratulations! Praying you are feeling better now and that you don't have any more scares like this. Hugs!