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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Last Christmas Celebration

Tuesday, December 28th, Kaitlynn didn't have school or dance. I just rested and took my pain med. I was still in pain, nauseous and had a headache that wouldn't go away. Kaitlynn was really good for me, even though I'm sure she was bored out of her mind. We pretty much stayed in my bedroom all day. Dave brought my favorite pizza home for dinner - Imo's. Dave also gave Kaitlynn a present we forgot to give to her. It was a replacement Dalmatian dog from the AB Brewery Tour and Lights Display we went on. We bought her a Dalmatian stuffed dog, that she named Dalmatian. One of our dogs, Lever, got a hold of it and chewed it's nose off. Kaitlynn was very upset by that, but wanted to keep Dalmatian. Dave decided to go back to AB and buy her a new one. She was happy to get a new Dalmatian. Poor girl, things have been so confusing for her lately.

With being on bed rest, I had time to reflect on our Christmas. At first I thought about the things we didn't do this year, such as write a letter to Santa, decorate the outside of the house, visit Santa at the Caboose and we didn't really decorate the inside of the house too much either. I quickly turned my thoughts to the things we did this year that we hadn't done before such as attended 2 breakfasts with Santa, welcomed Elfie into our tradition (Elf on the Shelf), attended Las Posadas, bought Kaitlynn a few nativity sets to play with and went on a carriage ride in Tilles Park.

Being sick or in pain on / around the holidays really does a number on your thinking. It's easy to allow yourself to get down, be sad or depressed, but I was happy that I was able to quickly turn my thinking to positive, fun memories / things we had done and want to add to our traditions.

Wednesday, the 29th, we had the last family Christmas celebration.

Thursday, the 30th, I was supposed to have an appointment with my OB, but she went home sick, so it was rescheduled. Kaitlynn and I were already at MawMaw's, so we just stayed, had lunch and then went to dinner.

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