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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

19th Week of Dance and 22nd Week of Preschool

Tuesday, January 25th, Kaitlynn had dance class. It was observation week, so Dave went with us. Photobucket After dance, we went home and ate lunch and then got ready for preschool. We packed snack (strawberry banana yogurt and an apple) in her lunch box and left for school. PhotobucketThe daily schedule said they read "Time to Sleep," explored a new light table borrowed from another classroom, used tracing paper at the project table, played in the gym and in music sang / listened to "A Chubby Little Snowman." My headache continued as nothing Dave brought home from Monday night helped / eased it. Wednesday, the 26th, my brother texted me early in the morning saying that he was taking my mom to the ER. Thankfully it ended up being nothing and they were home 5 hours later. She just had to rest and stay home from work. Kaitlynn prepared for preschool and packed her snack (peach yogurt and an apple). While she was in preschool, we picked up the other car (finally) from the shop. It was done on Tuesday, but they wouldn't let us pay over the phone so we had to wait until Wednesday to pick it up. When I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool, her teacher said she was tired. Kaitlynn was up late the night before and woke up at 8AM. The daily schedule said they read "Bear Snores On," played a numeral memory game, used color pencils to press designs into heavy foil, played in the gym and in music sang / listened to "Lettercise." Photobucket Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car on the way home from school. I picked up an early dinner for us from Burger King. I was on a veggie whopper kick. Hey, it's what the baby wanted!!!! Kaitlynn napped for 3 hours. My headache came back, too. Thursday, the 27th, my headache was still there, so I called the ob's office. I was also running a bit of a low grade fever. They prescribed a medication for me and said that the headaches are common at this point in pregnancy due to a flux in hormones. I was to take 1-2 tablets every 4 hours of this medication. They said if the medication doesn't help, I will need to come in to be evaluated. Kaitlynn got ready for preschool and we packed her snack (vanilla yogurt and sun chips). After I dropped her off at school, I picked up the headache medicine. I was afraid to take the medication because the pharmacy wouldn't give me the medicine without talking to a pharmacist first. The pharmacist said this medication hasn't been tested on pregnant women and the unborn baby and so it should only be taken as a last resort. It really had me freaked out. I called Dave because I refused to take it at first. He talked me into it and reminded me that we both trust my ob and believe she would never prescribe me anything that would harm our baby. Plus having a headache for at least 5 days with no relief in site was really taking a toll and me and making everyday life difficult. I decided to take the medication. When taking it for the first time, I wasn't supposed to drive or anything until I knew how I reacted to the medication. I only took 1 tablet because I figured I should take the smallest dose possible. Of course, about 15 minutes after I took the medicine, Kaitlynn's school called. It was the school nurse. Kaitlynn was in her office with a red eye (right eye). She thought it might be pink eye or a cold in her eye and said I should come pick her up. Kaitlynn had pink eye before (like back in the Fall), so I still had a refill on eye drops from then. I worriedly got in the car to go pick her up because there was no one else to pick her up. Now just to clarifly, if I felt woozy or anything (from the medication), I would not have drove home with her (or for that matter, drove at all). Anyway, I talked to the nurse about the refill and she suggested that instead of taking Kaitlynn in to see the pediatrician, just using the eye drops through out the weekend and only calling if it didn't get any better. So that's what I did. Kaitlynn's eye was just a little red and since we had started the eye drops and she wasn't feeling ill, we picked up MawMaw and ran a few errands.

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