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Saturday, April 2, 2011

17 Weeks

Friday, February 25th, marked 17 weeks. According to Babycenter, the baby's skeleton is changing from soft cartilage to bone, and the umbilical cord — the lifeline to the placenta — is growing stronger and thicker. The baby weighs 5 ounces now (about as much as a turnip), and is around 5 inches long from head to bottom. The baby can move his/her joints, and his/her sweat glands are starting to develop. Photobucket It was interesting that the Babycenter weekly update also talked about dreams. Early on, I had a dream that Dave brought another puppy home. I was freaking out because we already have 3 dogs. Last week, I had a horrible dream that I had a miscarriage at 16 weeks. I had a hard time sleeping on Thursday night, so I only had about 3 hours of sleep, but I managed to function. Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's because she had an appointment. After the appointment, Dave met us at the mall to have dinner, shop at Gymboree and for Kaitlynn to play at the play area. Photobucket Saturday, the 26th, I woke up with a headache. I tried Tylenol several times that morning and afternoon, but it didn't help, so I had to take the prescription medicine a few times. Kaitlynn had her Start Smart class that she attended with Dave. While they were in the class, I went to pick up MawMaw. Kaitlynn had swim class. Then MawMaw, Kaitlynn and I went to the Kidgit's Event, Book Blast where Kaitlynn got to meet Curious George. She rode the train, ate lunch and shopped. She also received her birthday gift for being in the Kidgit's club.
As we were taking MawMaw home, Kaitlynn fell asleep. She slept in the car on the way to church, too. She was moved to the 4s/5s class. It took me off guard when they said she was ready to move up to the next class since she just had a birthday. Kaitlynn handled the transition well. Dave and I, on the other hand, were really taken aback. I went in with Kaitlynn and "toured" the room. She was familiar with the room from Monday Makeover. She had fun in the class, but said she missed her old class. They learned "Jesus will always forgive us, no matter what we do." They heard the story of the lost son (Luke 15:11-32). PhotobucketPhotobucket The "Life Audacious" series continued with a look at how to live the selfless life that Christ exemplified. Sunday, the 27th, we went to McDonald's for lunch then to Kaitlynn's friends, Kylie and Ava's birthday party at Jump 4 Fun. Kaitlynn had a fun time.
Monday, the 28th, Kaitlynn had her 4 year check up at the pediatrician's office. She had a hearing test and they checked her blood pressure. She passed her hearing test and her blood pressure was good. Kaitlynn's height and weight are both 75 percentile. The pediatrician said she is a very tall girl. The pediatrician prescribed an antibiotic for her cough. She said it sounded pretty nasty and that by the end of the antibiotic, she should not have a cough anymore. Kaitlynn received 4 shots, which I forgot about, so I did not get to prepare her for them until the few minutes before the nurse came in to give them. Kaitlynn was not happy to say the least. To help her feel better, I was telling her that everyone gets shots to be healthy and that the baby would also have to get shots. Well, she was not happy to hear that the baby would also have to go through that pain. I think it made her more sad. So sweet, how she is already showing love for her sibling! We met Dave for lunch, as they ate lunch together while I had a pregnancy massage at Ginger Bay. It was very relaxing! Later, Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's. She had an appointment, so while she was at that, Kaitlynn and I went to Yo My Goodness for some frozen yogurt. Afterwards, we went to get manis/pedis! What a day of pampering for me! Photobucketat lunch with daddy PhotobucketPhotobucketmanis/pedis I also signed Kaitlynn up for a t-ball league. I hope she enjoys it! It doesn't start until April.

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