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Friday, April 1, 2011

20th Week of Dance and 23rd Week of Preschool

Monday, February 7th, Kaitlynn's coughing continued. We picked MawMaw up from work. Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car on the way there. We went to a new resell it shop called Carousel Kids, just to check it out. I bought a maternity top. We took MawMaw to an appointment, then had dinner. MawMaw watched Kaitlynn while I attended Sacred Romance. We are supposed to be in our 5th week of meeting, but because of the weather have only had 3 classes, 1 of which I had to miss (due to 1 car being in the shop). Tuesday, the 8th, Kaitlynn was still coughing a little. She attended Dance class. She was being a little difficult for her teacher. But I guess we all have those days! After dance, we came home, ate lunch and prepared for preschool. Kaitlynn chose strawberry banana yogurt and cheez-its for her snack. PhotobucketKaitlynn got her Scholastics book order back. The next Scholastics flyers came home and we get to pick out a free book since 1 of the books we ordered didn't come in. Cool! After I dropped her off at preschool, I met Dave at the ob for an appointment and ultrasound. The ultrasound showed I still had ovarian cysts - 3 on the right side and 1 on the left. They are getting smaller though, so that's good. The baby measured right on track and the heart rate was 135. I was so happy to see the baby and couldn't believe how big he/she had gotten since January! Unfortunately, the miscarriage from last summer is still in the back of my mind and so it is so reassuring to actually see the baby is doing so well. PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketI picked Kaitlynn up from school after the appointment. The February Newsletter was sent home. The classrooms have a wish list and are asking for donations. We selected to bring Valentine's stickers, index cards and envelopes. Later we met Hanna, Brandon, MawMaw and Adam for dinner. I noticed at the restaurant that Kaitlynn's cheeks were red. They were still red when we got to MawMaw's house after dinner. I thought it might be due to how cold it was outside. I read 2 of Kaitlynn's new books to her at bedtime - "The Day It Rained Hearts" and "Love, Splat." I checked on Kaitlynn as she was sleeping and noticed her cheeks were still red. Dave and I googled red cheeks in preschoolers and Fifth Disease came up. We read the information and it seemed like a possibility. We also read that it could cause complications to the baby if I have not been in contact with it previously and built up an immunity. Oh great! I was freaking out for Kaitlynn and for baby. Wednesday, the 9th, Kaitlynn's checks were not as red. In fact, her left side was red at all and the right side was just a little red. I called the pediatrician's office and they said they couldn't tell me for sure if she had Fifth Disease over the phone. They also said that it is usually a lacey type appearance on the body too. Kaitlynn did not have redness anywhere else, wasn't running a fever and wasn't itching. The nurse said just to keep an eye on her and she couldn't be sure if she was contagious or not. I called my ob's office and told them about the possibility of being in contact with Fifth Disease. They had me go in for blood work that day. It was just a waiting game at that point. We obviously decided not to send Kaitlynn to school. At bedtime, Kaitlynn and I read 2 more of her new books - "Going On A Bear Hunt" and "Happy Valentine's Day Mouse." Thursday, the 10th, I attended my Women's Group. Dave took Kaitlynn to school. We decided it was OK for her to return to school since she was no longer red and had never ran a fever. Kaitlynn and Dave packed her snack - strawberry banana yogurt and cheez-its. While Kaitlynn was in school, I picked up MawMaw. We ran some errands and I purchased the Wish List items for Kaitlynn's school plus the cups and napkins for the Valentine's party. We picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. The daily schedule said they finished reading "The Jolly Postman," learned the warrior pose in yoga, made heart prints using ink, played in the gym and in music sang / listened to "The Button Factory." An updated Emergency Phone List was sent out. PhotobucketKaitlynn received the book on back order from the previous Scholastics book order. That was fast! PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketA girl in Kaitlynn's class, Lauren, made this for her. That evening, we attended Disney Live! Mickey and Minnie's Magic Show. I did a previous review post for this show. We had a late dinner at Applebees after the show. Kaitlynn was our entertainment. She was dancing by the table and doing the splits. She loves to entertain and dance! My headache was back and worse, so I had to take the presription med. That made it better.

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