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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

25th Week of Dance and 28th Week of Preschool

Tuesday, March 15th, Kaitlynn attended dance class. All 5 girls were in class. Kaitlynn seems to be the class cheerleader. They are going to soon be working with the Thursday class to prepare for the recital. Kaitlynn did a good job in class. We went home, ate lunch and prepared for preschool. After I dropped Kaitlynn off, I called to change Kaitlynn's preschool registration for next year to AM from PM. They only had 2 days available, but put us on a waiting list for 3 days and said we should most likely get in. I made some other calls, checked emails and ran some errands. I had to buy more Tangled Thank You cards for Kaitlynn's birthday gifts she's received since her party. The daily schedule at preschool said they read "The Night Before St. Patrick's Day," played with rice at the sensory table and played in the gym. Ms. M said that Kaitlynn enjoyed playing the hoops gmes, which Kaitlynn had to take me over and show me the game. Ms. E said that her and Kaitlynn read some Cat in the Hat books like "Green Eggs and Ham." PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket After school, I cut up some strawberries for Kaitlynn, we played Connect 4, ate dinner when Dave got home, Kaitlynn took a bath and we had ice cream for dessert. Kaitlynn went to sleep at 9:35. a few hours later, she woke up crying from possibly a dream, but went back to sleep. The baby was moving around a little that evening. Wednesday, the 16th, after we got to school, Kaitlynn was excited to see Dominic and Ms. E. As we were walking into school, she was saying "Mommy has a baby in her tummy!" She had to tell Ms. M again, too. I am glad she is so excited about the baby! While she was in school, I did laundry, checked emails and made phone calls. When I picked Kaitlynn up, I talked to Ms. M about talking to a preschooler about death. She gave me some good resources and also suggested I call the Family and Community Coordinator at the school. I left a voice message for her. The daily schedule said they read "The Night Before St. Patrick's Day," created a long paper chain to decorate the bulletin board, listened and matched similar sounds in listen sound tubes at the science table. went outside to play on the playground and in music listened to "Music, Music, Music" with rhythm sticks. Kaitlynn brought home the last Scholastic order forms for the school year. Kaitlynn and I went to get special drinks and then went to MawMaw's. She fell asleep in the car and napped for less than an hour. We took MawMaw to order flowers for the upcoming visitation / funeral. We went to the library to find books on talking to a preschooler about death. We borrowed a few books, but they didn't look too promising. Kaitlynn wanted Chinese for dinner. I reminded her that MawMaw doesn't like Chinese. She told MawMaw that she need to try it first before she says she doesn't like it. Good lesson from "Green Eggs and Ham." We ate dinner and ran some errands. Kaitlynn took a bath and I read her 2 of the books we got from the library - "Max and Ruby's Bedtime Book" and "City Dog, Country Frog." We got home a little late, so she wasn't asleep until after 10PM. Baby moved around a little today. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. After Kaitlynn went to bed, I made some Irish Soda Bread. We read this St. Patrick's book to her that mentioned Irish Soda Bread, she made a few comments about it, so I thought it would be a good idea to make some. The recipe I found in Family Circle magazine (I think) called for a different take on it. It added icing on it. The recipe was super easy to make. PhotobucketPhotobucket PhotobucketI bought our traditional snake bread from Schnucks. PhotobucketI also thought these brownie cookies shaped like shamrocks looked yummy. Thursday, the 17th, St. Patrick's Day, Kaitlynn made 8 scented shamrocks for her teachers at school and some family members. Photobucket We had Irish Soda Bread for breakfast. PhotobucketIt was good, but not something I would crave. I will probably look for a different recipe for this next year, as I want to keep it a tradition. Anyone have a yummy Irish Soda Bread recipe to share with me? I talked to the Family and Community Coordinator, Ms. D at Kaitlynn's school. She had some wonderful information and advice. Basically she said to tell her the truth and keep it basic and simple. She gave me some words to use and told me to describe to Kaitlynn what she may see at the visitation and funeral. She said that the school has a Grief / Loss bag with books that I could check out of the lending library. She reserved the bag for me. It was so great to get to talk to her about how to handle this situation age-appropriately! Kaitlynn and I met Eileen, Gabe, Merci and Mauve at the park for a playdate before Kailtynn went to school. For lunch, I packed sandwiches for Kaitlynn and I, made from the snake bread. Photobucket Kaitlynn went to preschool and took her 4 teachers the scented shamrocks she made them. I picked up the Grief / Loss bag from the lending library. I picked up MawMaw and we went to the mall. We picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. The daily schedule said they learned a new pose in Yoga - river, rode bikes outside, played a shamrock game - looking for "gold" hidden in the classroom and played outside. Kaitlynn made a book.PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket We went home and as I was dressing Kaitlynn to attend the visitation, I talked with her about death and what she can expect from the night. I printed out a few pictures for Kaitlynn, so she would know who had died. At the visitation, Kaitlynn had a good time playing with her cousin. She refused to go in the room where the casket and body were, which was totally fine and her call. Afterwards, we attended Disney On Ice: Mickey and Minnie's Magical Journey. I reviewed this show in a previous blog post. We had a late, late dinner at Applebees with Tia, Mike, Annabelle and Alayna. Kaitlynn didn't get to bed until late. Baby moved around a bit that day.

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