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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

26th Week of Dance and 29th Week of Preschool

Tuesday, March 29th, Kaitlynn attended dance. It was observation week. I signed Dave and Kaitlynn up for the daddy daughter dance (for the recital). I also signed up to help backstage at the rehearsal and recital. I can't believe it is getting so close to the recital! Dave came to watch after his run. He was able to stay for about 15 minutes. The summer dance schedule came out. We went home, ate lunch, prepared for preschool and packed snack (grapes and vanilla yogurt). After I dropped Kaitlynn off at preschool, I picked up MawMaw. We ran an errand and then picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. The daily schedule said they read "Jack and the Beanstalk." worked on a bean mosaic project, used a variety of tools to sketch at the art table, played in the gym and in music listened to "Everything Grows." Photobucket Kaitlynn's Perfectly Pink set of books came in from Scholastics. She brought home a few memos: 1 was about Cardinal's home opener celebration, Dress for Success benefit clothing drive and Hats on Day for Kids fighting cancer. We went to several different Targets searching for the Tangled 4 disc set and book. After dinner, we went to one more and I got lucky and found it! Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car around 9PM. I signed up for a Target baby registry. I had previously (like on March 21st) registered for a Babies R Us registry. It seemed a little weird registering for anything since this is our 2nd baby, and we actually were not going to, but family has asked us to. Plus it is a way to help us organize what we have and still need or want. Baby moved around some. Wednesday, the 30th, Kaitlynn and Bailey had a sleepover. Photobucket She got ready for preschool and packed snack (apple and raisins). While Kaitlynn was in school, I ran some errands and put up a purse organizer in her room. I picked Kaitlynn up and the daily schedule said they read "How a Seed Grows," practiced writing tally marks to keep score while playing Hot Hoops, searched for magic beans in the rice table, played outside on the playground and in music listenend to "Music, Music, Music" and "Everything Grows." We went to the mall and did some shopping. Kaitlynn had fun shopping for baby and me at Macy's. We ate dinner at Elephant Bar. Kaitlynn kept wanting to help the waitress take the dishes to the kitchen. She also liked passing out the appetizer plates and taking our menus. Baby moved around some. Dave did the bedtime routine with Kaitlynn. She was asleep by 9:50PM. Thursday, the 31st, we were going to the Easter Bunny's arrival party at the Mills Mall, but Kaitlynn didn't want to go. She said she was tired. Baby was moving around and seemed to be doing flips. Kaitlynn prepared for preschool. She wore her Cardinals shirt to celebrate the Cardinal's home opener. Photobucket I also wore my Cardinals shirt. It's a youth XL. I was surprised it still fit. We took 6 purses up to preschool for the Dress for Success drive. Dave and I both took Kaitlynn to school and then went to lunch. I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool and talked to Ms. Maureen about how the brush was working out for Kaitlynn. She said it had lost it's appeal. Kaitlynn wasn't really interested in it anymore. The daily schedule said they had yoga, made Cardinal flags and colored Fredbird pictures, played a baseball bean bag toss game, went outside to play on the playground and in music listened to / sang "Take Me Out to the Ballgame." The March / April Newsletter came out. Parent Conferences are coming up. Photobucket Kaitlynn told me that Max married her on the playground. She also said she wasn't beautiful because she forgot to put makeup on. I told her she most certainly was beautiful and didn't need makeup to make her beautiful. I reminded her that God made her and that he doesn't make junk. I was totally shocked and wasn't sure where that came from. She never wears makeup. She isn't even allowed to play with my makeup. The only thing she is allowed to wear / put on is lip balm or lip gloss (if its clear or a very light / pale color). I am so not ready for the pre-teen years! Kaitlynn fell asleep on the way to MawMaw's. She was so tired. She slept for about 2 hours. We went to the mall to exchange some clothes previously purchased. Kaitlynn conned MawMaw into taking her in to Build-A-Bear. She got that bunny from "Hop." PhotobucketPhotobucket We had a late dinner and therefore Kaitlynn got to bed late. I ordered the baby's coming home outfit / newborn pictures outfit. So cute!!! Boy clothes are fun! Earlier that day at some point, Kaitlynn got an unsalted butter stick out of the fridge and took it out of the wrapper. I found the wrapper in her room and thought she ate the stick of butter. Yeah, gross, I know. She likes butter. That evening when I was getting her to bed, I left the room and when I came back she was hiding something behind her back. It was the butter stick. I asked her where she had it hid. She hid it in our room behind the TV!

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  1. Prayse has a dance recital in a few weeks too! So much fun! And CONGRATS on the pregnancy!! We're at 35 weeks - life is about to get more crazy! :)