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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kaitlynn's 4th Birthday Party!

Sunday, February 20th, we had Kaitlynn's 4th birthday party at RiverChase of Fenton. It's a local recreation center. We rented out the Jungle Room and had the playground (jungle gym - treehouse) exclusively for our use. We had pizza, small snack bags of chips, a veggie tray, water, soda and juice boxes. Oh yeah, and of course, cake and ice cream (although we forgot to serve the ice cream). Oops! There was a great turnout, even though everyone invited wasn't able to make it. We kept the guest list just to close family and friends (of Kaitlynn's for the last 3-4 years), with the exception of her new friend Helen. We weren't ready to start inviting everyone in her preschool class and other new friends. To us, it just seemed too soon to do that, maybe when she gets into kindergarten. We also like to have the parties at fairly small locations, so we can keep track of the kids and the party. Kaitlynn had about 35 guests (not including the 3 of us). She chose a Tangled / Rapunzel theme. My cousin, Tia, made the Rapunzel birthday cake. What an awesome job she did! Dave, Kaitlynn and I arrived a half hour early to bring stuff to the room and decorate. Actually all we did decoration-wise was put noise makers on the 2 tables, tie balloons to Kaitlynn's chair and set the food, drinks and party bags up where we wanted them. My brother Jim and his wife and kids were the first to arrive. Shortly after almost everyone else arrived. Kaitlynn was happy to see her family and friends. She was excited to see the Rapunzel cake. We got things started right away - with the food because we only had the room and playground for 1 hour and 30 minutes. We figured no more than 45 minutes for food (lunch and then cake) and the last 45 minutes for the kids to play at the playground. We ate lunch and then sang "Happy Birthday" to Kaitlynn. She does not like when a group of people sing "Happy Birthday" to her (as you will see from the photos - she had her head down the entire time). Then she refused to blow out the candle on her cake, so I had to. She doesn't mind attention when SHE wants it, but does NOT like attention when she is not asking for it. Kaitlynn and her friends played at the playground, then somehow a "rumor" was started that Kaitlynn was going to open gifts. Apparently my sister decided to take Kaitlynn into the party room to open gifts (of course she already had Kaitlynn open her gift as soon as she got there). She also took Kaitlynn off a few times with the new Barbie skates she got her, which I later told her about. I just have to remember that Kaitlynn is so loved and her family and friends all want to spend time with her, sometimes trying to "steal" time away from others. I am glad that others love and know how special she is. It makes my heart so happy. To us, she is the greatest child / girl in all the world and who wouldn't want to know, love and spend time with her! She is amazing! One of God's greatest gifts to us. Anyway, Kaitlynn did open a few gifts. At one point she stopped opening gifts and didn't want to open anymore. A couple of the guests kept nagging her about opening gifts and I told them to chill out, she didn't have to open anymore gifts if she didn't want to. We ended up staying about 2 hours after the party, just hanging out in the Jungle room. It was a great party - Kaitlynn had a fun time! We appreciate everyone who took the time out to attend and everyone's generosity with her birthday gifts.
After the party, we went home and she finished opening her gifts and also got to play with the gifts. She received a Leapster Explorer, 4 games for the Explorer, recharging system for the Explorer, camera and video recorder for the Explorer, tons of moon sand, Barbie skates (as mentioned above), Fancy Nancy books, a couple other books, Barbie kite, outfits for her Barbies, puzzles, games, money, an outfit, bath toy, sidewalk chalk and bubbles. We gave her a Big Sister book, Dip n Dots maker and mix, a couple card games, case for her Leapster Explorer and 7 Disney Princess (Barbie) dolls. Before bed, Kaitlynn enjoyed played with the moon sand, bean bag toss game, Princess Barbies and Leapster Explorer. Her favorite games for the Explorer that evening were Dora and Spongebob. At bedtime, I read "Penguins" and "Valentine Express" to her.

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