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Friday, April 8, 2011

Start Smart and Swim

Friday, March 11th, Kaitlynn woke up at her new normal time (7:30AM). She played with toys in her bedroom before coming into our room to watch some morning TV. After breakfast, she played outside until lunch. PhotobucketPhotobucketFor lunch, Kaitlynn wanted salami, white rice and green beans. She put the rice and green beans on top of each slice of salami and ate it that way. She's creative! We picked up the car that was in the shop. Brakes are expensive! Kaitlynn practiced writing her Ks. She went to asleep at 9:30PM. Saturday, the 12th, Kaitlynn attended her Start Smart class. They did t-ball (without the stand), soccer, practiced throwing a ball into a hula hoop and throwing a ball at the wall and catching it. At the t-ball station, Kaitlynn hit the ball a few times. She is very hard on herself, which she gets from Dave and me. Kaitlynn played catch with her teacher Kate. Kaitlynn attended her swim class. Tess and another girl were the instructors (Tess was a new instructor to Kaitlynn). There were 8 kids in the class. They worked on getting their hair wet, getting totally in the water, diving for rings and played red light / green light (with yellow being blowing bubbles and purple being going under water). Coach Kim helped Kaitlynn to go under the water. Kaitlynn cried after she did it. I think it was kind of a relief / proud cry. They practiced floating, using the kickboard and doing arm circles. She would only go with Tess, she refused to go with the other girl. She also didn't want to wear her goggles because she didn't want them to get wet! Lastly they jumped in the pool to the instructors, going under water. After swim, Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's and then went to lunch. We attended a baby shower at Babies R Us. I looked at baby bedding (crib bedding) and at cribs. Later we went with Hanna, Adam and Brandon to Toys R Us and the mall. Hanna was taking Kaitlynn out to get her a birthday gift. At Toys R Us, she bought Kaitlynn the Barbie Pet Vet Care Center and a Rapunzel / Tangled bowl, cup and plate set and bought the baby an outfit. Photobucket MawMaw also bought the baby some more things.Photobucket At the mall, we went into several stores, then Kaitlynn and Brandon played at the play area. Hanna treated us all to dinner for our birthdays at Applebee's. Dave met us for dinner. He got out of the shopping part. He was the lucky one! Let's just say Brandon does not listen and likes to get Kaitlynn amped up and tries to get her into trouble. It was just kind of a disaster! Hanna also bought Kaitlynn an outfit. We did appreciate Hanna's generousity. Kaitlynn was asleep about 9PM. It was spring forward, so we lost an hour (of sleep). Sunday, the 13, after Kaitlynn got up, she went into the kitchen and got the parmasen cheese. It ended up all over our bed! Kaitlynn painted with water colors in her Tangled book for a lot of the day. Dave put the Barbie's Pet Vet Care Center together and Kaitlynn enjoyed playing with that. PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Kaitlynn went to sleep late. I felt the baby moving. I was so tired through out the day, but the night I couldn't sleep. Monday, the 14th, we woke up to snow and rain. Kaitlynn was happy to see the snow, probably the only 1 happy to see it. Kaitlynn and I attended a focus group at the Zoo for their new exhibit Sea Lion Sound. Only a small group of us showed up. First we went into a room to explore what the Sea Lion Sound exhibit is possibly going to be like. We were watched and videotoaped while exploring the exhibit. Then the kids went to a Zoo classroom and the parents went into a meeting room to discuss what we liked and didn't like about the exhibit. It's so exciting to know that we will be a part of making Sea Lion Sound what it will be. Our opinions will actually shape what Sea Lion Sound is going to be. I just can't wait for the exhibit to open. For our time, we got to chose between several different options, but we chose a free Zoo membership (at our current level). Kaitlynn had a great time in the classroom. She wanted to go look at animals. We went out to look at some, but decided we would go to MawMaw's instead for lunch. It was wet, slushy and slippery. Not a good day to walk around the Zoo. Photobucket That morning on the way to the Zoo, Dave called to tell me that his grandpa had passed away. We took MawMaw to her appointment. Kaitlynn napped in the car. After MawMaw's appointment, I went to Babies R Us to take advantage of a special Pampers purchase. We had dinner and then came home for bath and bed. She didn't go to sleep until late again. She woke up from a dream that she lost her family. She was sad when she woke up, poor baby. Her dreams have not been happy ones lately. I'm not sure what's up with that. I was tired on Monday. I guess it's from the time change. Baby was moving, too.

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