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Saturday, June 25, 2011

25 Weeks and Good Friday

Friday, April 22nd, marked 25 weeks. According to BabyCenter, head to heels, the baby measures about 13 1/2 inches. His weight — a pound and a half — isn't much more than an average rutabaga, but he's beginning to exchange his long, lean look for some baby fat. As he does, his wrinkled skin will begin to smooth out and he'll start to look more and more like a newborn. He's also growing more hair — and if you could see it, you'd now be able to discern its color and texture.


We woke up to severe thunderstorm warning for our area. Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's because she was going to watch Kaitlynn while Dave and I attended her Parent / Teacher Conference. The conference went well. I was surprised at the information shown and given during it. There were several reports written up and lots of pictures to accompany the reports. There was a general report and then one on physical, social and literacy.



After the conference, Dave and I went to our church's Good Friday Experience titled The Grace Project. The experience took us through Jesus last hours before his crucifixion, which is the greatest picture of grace. I love these experiences. They really make things real, make me think of things in a different light and really give a glimpse of Jesus' final hours.

We went back to MawMaw's and all of us went to dinner to Casa. While there, severe weather started rolling in. Sirens were going off at the restaurant and on our drive home. We made it home safely and got Kaitlynn to bed. Baby moved around. I woke up with heartburn and watched the news about tornado damage in nearby areas.

This day, I was grateful for being safe and untouched by the tornado / severe weather, church, the Grace Project, Kaitlynn's school and teachers and mom watching her while we went to conference and project.

Saturday, the 23rd, I woke up to hearing that the Governor declared a state of emergency. The damage to nearby areas is just devasting. Thankfully no one lost their life. What a miracle that was! Kaitlynn woke up crying having a nightmare about a dragon. Daisy was a blue dragon and Kaitlynn was trying to cross the street and couldn't find us. She said she couldn't dream or think of princesses because she couldn't get this boy stuff out of her head. I talked to her about the Princess Penelope book (one of her favorite books right now). She finally went back to sleep about an hour later. We attended a local church's 2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt (we also attended last year). We registered for the Egg Hunt, made a guess on the amount of jelly beans in the jar, then went to the Sanctuary for a short program (sang a song, did the Resurrection eggs and prayed). Kaitlynn had the 12th resurrection egg. She was so cute going up there by herself to open the egg. The egg hunt started. It was nice because the kids were separated by ages. Her group was just pre-k and kindergarten. She found a lot of eggs and had a lot of fun.


We made a stop to Target and Kaitlynn had a snack while Dave grabbed some last minute Easter stuff. Then we went to an Easter Egg hunt at a local park. This was the first year we went to this one. Because of the storms we weren't sure if they would still be having it, but they did. It was a little muddy, but the kids had a good time. Kaitlynn got her picture taken with the Easter Bunny. Her shoes and legs were so muddy after the hunt.


We went home and changed her into her Easter dress and went to the mall. I won a free Easter photo package from MLM for the Easter Bunny at the mall. The line wasn't too long thankfully. Kaitlynn didn't mind sitting on the Easter Bunny's lap and we got a great picture.


She rode a ride, we went to Fannie Mae's where she got a free sample of chocolate, went to Auntie Anne's for pretzels and then Red Mango for a free sample of frozen yogurt. At the mall, Kaitlynn was singing "God you are great! We love you! Hey, hey!" It was so cute!


We went to Babies R Us to purchase some Pampers that were on a great deal. It started storming while in the store. After the storm, we headed home to dye Easter eggs.


We played the matching game that came with the egg dye several times while waiting for the dye on the eggs to dry so Kaitlynn could put stickers on them.


It stormed some more. After dinner, Kaitlynn got ready for bed and was asleep around 9PM. I filled the plastic Easter eggs with money and candy, fixed her Easter basket and got things together to take to MawMaw's the next day. Baby moved around and I had heartburn.

This day, I was grateful for no tornado, egg hunts, family time, Easter picture at the mall, Kaitlynn having fun and the rain not messing up our plans.

29th Week of Dance and 32nd Week of Preschool

Tuesday, April 19th, we woke up to hail. Kaitlynn had breakfast and watched some tv before going to dance class. All 5 girls were in class. The recital costumes were in. I like the costume much better now seeing it in person, than seeing it in a picture. At first I was afraid it was a little too cabaret-ish. The girls learned a new dance - the Mexican hat dance. After dance, we went home and had lunch and then prepared for preschool. Kaitlynn chose an apple and goldfish for snack. On the way to school, Kaitlynn told me that a boy in her class (Max) hits her and that she is afraid of him. They have such a strange relationship. The daily schedule said they read "Wonderful Worm", celebrated the opening of their community garden, played outside on the playground and in music sang / listened to "Seed in the Ground." Kaitlynn was so excited to show me their pet worm.


Kaitlynn's Scholastic Book order came in.


We went to Circle K to get special drinks. This lady, another customer, started talking to me and Kaitlynn. She said I looked cute pregnant. I said thanks, but then didn't know if that was a compliment or not. I think it was. Kaitlynn and I went home, made dinner and changed the bed sheets. Kaitlynn talked about what she's learned about worms - they don't have eyes or ears, they have a mouth and carry their babies in their stomach (like mommy). We had severe weather, a tornado warning. Kaitlynn took an early bath and prepared for bed because of the weather. It was scary because a tornado was reported near my mom's home, but thankfully her area was OK. Kaitlynn was asleep about 9:30PM. Baby moved around and I had a little bit of heartburn. when I was laying next to Kaitlynn, the baby really moved around a lot. It was as if he knew I was laying next to his big sister and he wanted to get to her. He moved like 5 times in a matter of a few minutes. I can't wait to see these 2 together!

For this day, I was grateful for Kaitlynn doing well at dance class and preschool, the severe weather holding off until evening (and not while Kaitlynn was in school), no damage near us / my mom's, tv and cell phones for weather coverage, air conditioning, baby moving and winning the MLM Twitter contest for Easter photo package.

Wednesday, the 20th, Kaitlynn had breakfast. Baby was moving around. While I was in the shower, I felt faint and then felt sick for about an hour after. Kaitlynn played with moon sand. She wouldn't eat lunch (because we had to eat earlier than normal). She prepared for preschool and chose an apple and raisins for snack. I had a meeting at her school for the Photo Committee (we were turning in our recommendations). Before going into the meeting, Kaitlynn showed me their community garden.


After my meeting, Kaitlynn played trains in the Commons Area and I read her a few books. She wanted me to read her "Love You Forever" which is not one of my favorite books because I think it is a little strange and crosses some boundary issues. For some reason, while reading it, I started crying. These pregnancy hormones are really getting to me! When I dropped Kaitlynn off at her classroom, I talked to her teacher about what she told me about being afraid of Max.

While Kaitlynn was in school, I did some stuff on the computer and went grocery shopping. I bought an Easter lamb pastry.


I also received this sample package from the post office.


When I picked Kaitlynn up, as we were leaving, she gave Max a hug and told him about riding the school bus over the weekend at the On the Go event. She walked her classmates to the bus. She wanted to wait for her friend Chance's bus, but I told her we couldn't. Ms. E said Kaitlynn is very helpful. The daily schedule said they read "Have You Filled a Bucket Today?," observed live worms, played I Spy Alphabet Bingo, went outside to play on the playground and in music sang / listened to "Music, Music, Music" with rhythm sticks.

Kaitlynn got another book from Scholastics.


We went to Circle K and then to MawMaw's. Kaitlynn played with Daisy and then we ran some errands for Easter. After dinner and on the way home, Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car (about 8PM). Baby moved around and I had some heartburn.

This day, I am grateful for being involved in Kaitlynn's school, Kaitlynn having a good day in preschool and Dave doing well on his presentation in class.

Thursday, the 21st, Kaitlynn prepared for preschool after lunch. She chose chex mix and an apple for her snack. While Kaitlynn was at preschool, I did some laundry and the dishes. I picked Kaitlynn up from school. Lauren, a classmate of Kaitlynn's gave each child a bag of Easter candy.


The daily schedule said they did yoga, played Kids on Stage (a charades game), observed live worms, played outside on the playground and in music sang / listened to "The Pirate Song." Kaitlynn brought home a letter stating that they would be starting show and tell time from now until the end of the school year.


Kaitlynn took about a 10 minute nap in the car on the way from school to swim class. She had a different instructor besides Ms. Tori. She had Ms. Erin. 5 kids attended. They got themselves wet first, then dove for rings, worked on bubble breathing, used a noodle to practice kicking and bubble breathing, practiced kicking, arm circles, put their faces in the water for 4 seconds, floated, used a kickboard to practice floating and kicking and jumped into the pool 2 times. While Erin was with another kid, Kaitlynn was playing around and went under water, she handled it really well. She didn't freak out or get scared. We went home and had dinner and a popsicle before getting ready for bed. During her bath, Kaitlynn dumped out all of her shampoo in the bath water (because she wanted a bubble bath). She was asleep about 9PM. Baby moved around and I had heartburn. Dave and I watched the movie "Salt."

This day, I was grateful for the washing machine, Kaitlynn's teachers and Dave going grocery shopping.

24 Weeks

Friday, April 15th, marked 24 weeks. According to BabyCenter, the baby's growing steadily, having gained about 4 ounces since the previous week. That puts him at just over a pound. Since he's almost a foot long (picture an ear of corn), he cuts a pretty lean figure at this point, but his body is filling out proportionally and he'll soon start to plump up. His brain is also growing quickly now, and his taste buds are continuing to develop. His lungs are developing "branches" of the respiratory "tree" as well as cells that produce surfactant, a substance that will help his air sacs inflate once he hits the outside world. His skin is still thin and translucent, but that will start to change soon.


Kaitlynn watched the Spring-a-thon on Nickelodeon. We picked MawMaw up from work and had lunch. MawMaw watched Kaitlynn so I could attend a meeting at Kaitlynn's school. I am on the Photo Committee. We interviewed several companies and individuals about taking the schools photos for next school year. There was a tornado warning / watch for our area. During the meeting, it rained and hailed. Thankfully it stopped by the time the meeting was over with for my drive to MawMaw's house. At MawMaw's, Kaitlynn played in the rain and played with moon sand. Kaitlynn took a 45 minute nap. We had dinner and then Kaitlynn got ready for bed (bath, pjs, books, brushed teeth, devotional and music). She was asleep about 9:30PM.

Baby moved around. I had braxton hicks contractions.

This day, I was thankful for mom watching Kaitlynn, the photographers at Go St. Louis, Kaitlynn's school valuing the input of the parents, no tornado or severe weather damage in our area.

Saturday, the 16th, I had heartburn and woke up from a charly horse. Kaitlynn's t-ball game was canceled due to the fields being too wet. Kaitlynn and I attended the On the Go event, where she had a helmet fitting. Her helmet was too small, so we purchased a new one. Kaitlynn loved the school bus ride. She chose to sit in the back and made sure her seat belt was on.


We went home for lunch and then attended her friend Bailey's birthday party, which was at Chuck E Cheese. At the party she saw her friend Dominic from school, who was celebrating his birthday. She hung out with him most of the time the in the game area. Kaitlynn was really tired from her busy day. After we left the party, she fell asleep in the car.


We met Dave at home and then went to church. I served on the Communion team. The Life Audacious series was wrapped up with a look at Paul's parting words from his letter to the Phillipians.

Kaitlynn attended her class. They had a parade for Jesus and learned "Jesus is King, and we can worship Him." Matthew 21:1-11. They also got palm since the 17th was Palm Sunday.


We had a late dinner and then got Kaitlynn home to get her ready for bed. She was asleep about 10PM. Baby moved around. Actually, he was kicking while I was holding the juice tray during communion. I had some braxton hicks contractions (tightness on my right side).

This day, I felt gratitude for the helmet fitting, a friend bringing by maternity clothes to share with me, church, family dinner and Dave doing the bedtime routine with Kaitlynn.

Sunday, the 17th, my legs were hurting. Kaitlynn played her Leapster and we played hide and seek in the bedroom. That evening we went to the mall to use Gymboree bucks.

PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket Some of baby's new clothes.

We played Yahtzee Jr. with some family. Kaitlynn was hiding behind a chair with a bottle of spray butte. I told her she shouldn't do things behind my back or hide from me and that Jesus was watching her. She said "Where is He?" and went to the window. I told her He was watching from Heaven and was in her heart. She said "In here?" pointing to her heart. Dave did the bedtime routine with Kaitlynn. She was asleep about 10PM. Baby moved around and I had heartburn.

This day, I was thankful for getting to rest and Kaitlynn's good behavior.

Monday, the 18th, Kaitlynn and I attended Monday Makeover. 2 of the ladies weren't able to come, so it just ended up being Kaitlynn, me and another woman. After MM, we went to MawMaw's to see Daisy's new haircut. She was supposed to be shaved like a lion, but the groomer messed it up.


When Kaitlynn saw her, she said "She's adorable!" They played in the backyard, we picked up lunch and slurpees and went to the park. Kaitlynn was so funny at the park. She enjoyed watching the workers clean the park and even asked for her notebook to journal about them. She wanted to help them rake the leaves, too.


We went back to MawMaw's and Kaitlynn and Daisy played in the backyard some more. Later we went to dinner. Kaitlynn fell asleep in the car at 7:15PM. We went home and I put her in her bed for the night. I did some laundry and watched "Khloe and Lamar" and "Bethenny Ever After." Baby moved around. I had heartburn and a headache through out the day.

This day, I was grateful for Monday Makeover, mom being free to go to lunch and the park, a beautiful day and having lunch at the park.