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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

31st Week of Dance and 34th Week of Preschool

Tuesday, May 3rd, Kaitlynn went with me to get the serum bile blood test because it had to be done at a certain lab. The lady let her sit on my lap while I had my blood drawn. Kaitlynn said she gets scared when I get shots. The lady and I explained that I wasn't getting a shot, I was getting blood taken out of my arm so they can check it and make sure it's OK. When the lady was taking my information and asked for our address, Kaitlynn told her. We were in and out at the lab, which was great. We had time to go home rest and eat breakfast.

Kaitlynn had dance class. All 5 girls were at class. We received a memo regarding the daddy / daughter practices. Kaitlynn did well at class. Her little friend Madelyn pushed and hit her. Kaitlynn told Ms. Julie, but she didn't do anything, so Kaitlynn told Madelyn's mom after class. They learned 2 new scarf dances - 1 was a butterfly dance routine. So cute!

We went home and had lunch. Kaitlynn prepared for preschool. She chose strawberries and grapes for snack. At school, Ms. E said hi to Kaitlynn and she didn't respond, so she tickled Kaitlynn's tummy. Kaitlynn really likes Ms. E. She likes all of her teachers. I was itching, so I caved and took an itch pill while Kaitlynn was in school, since I had several hours to rest. I was felling nauseous. Baby was moving around.

Kaitlynn received her Scholastics book order, the last one for the school year.
We got a rewards chart for Kaitlynn. If anyone has any suggestions on how to use the chart and tie it in with a weekly allowance, I would appreciate it.

The daily schedule said they read "The Pigeon Wants a Puppy," they played a hockey game, made plans to decorate a big box - their not-a-box, went outside to play on the playground and in music sang / listened to "Goin' On a Bear Hunt."

After school, Kaitlynn showed me their community garden and played on the playground for awhile. She was so friendly on the playground. She went up to this boy and said "Hi, I'm Kaitlynn! What's your name?" My little social girl. Kaitlynn told me that Max kicked her in the chest and that she was still hurting from it. I told her not to play with him because we don't play with people that hit us. We got special drinks and went home. Kaitlynn napped for almost 2 hours. She said she was really tired. After she woke up, we ate dinner and went outside for a bit. Kaitlynn had a bath and got ready for bed. We had ice cream for dessert. We talked about Halloween costumes. First she said she wanted to be Alice, then said the cheshire cat. She also said she will pick out baby's costume. After her ice cream, Dave read to her, read her devotional and prayed. She had a hard time falling asleep and was in the mood to tell jokes. She said "Why did the chicken cross the road?" and was saying "Knock, knock" "Whos there?" "Boo." "Boo who?" "chicken boo!" I tried to remember some of the "Knock, Knock" jokes my dad would tell. Kaitlynn would love them. Kaitlynn always seems to bring up or remind me of my dad around special or significant times. The anniversary of his death is May 5th.

The itching continued. Baby moved around a lot. Kaitlynn didn't get to sleep until after 11PM.

I was grateful for baby moving around a lot, dance, preschool, nice weather, sun, getting a nap, being in and out at the lab and Kaitlynn's good behavior at the lab.

Wednesday, the 4th, I had a headache. Baby moved around. You can definitely see my stomach move when baby kicks. Kaitlynn was pretending one of her dolls was her baby brother. I asked her what his name was and she said he didn't have a name yet. She got ready for preschool. She chose popcorn and a granola bar for snack. While Kaitlynn was at school, I went through baby's new clothes and sorted them by size, checked my email, and did Avon.

The daily schedule said they read "Q is for Duck" - an alphabet guessing game, played table hockey, played outside in the sand table, went outside to play on the playground and in music sang / listened to "The Pirate Song" (a new favorite). Kaitlynn brought home the show and tell bag. She told me that Max pushed her and Ms. A helped her up. I asked if Ms. A knew Max pushed her and she said she didn't know. I reinforced that she should not play with him and should find other kids to play with.

We went to MawMaw's. Traffic was horrible due to a 3 car accident on the highway. Kaitlynn played with Daisy and then we ran some errands. Kaitlynn told MawMaw about Max pushing her down. She picked out some flowers for her teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.
We had dinner at Red Robin's per Kaitlynn's request. She painted MawMaw's nails and they played tic tac toe at dinner.

We got home, Kaitlynn got ready for bed, had an ice cream bar and I read her 3 of her new books (one being "Cinco de Mouse-0"), her devotional, we prayed, and turned on her CD. She was asleep at 9:30. I had to take an itch pill after she went to bed. Baby moved around throughout the day.

I was grateful for minimal itching compared to other days, Kaitlynn having a good day at school (despite being pushed), Kaitlynn's love for school and 25 cent Mobil on the Run drinks.

Thursday, the 5th, marked 3 years since my dad passed away. On this day, I miss him, like I do everyday, but I am thankful God gave me 30 years to get to know such a wonderful man and father. I can't believe it's been 3 years. Part of me feels like it hasn't been that long and the other part of me feels like it's been forever.

It was also obviously Cinco de Mayo. When Kaitlynn woke up, she said "Thanks for not waking me up this morning." I don't typically wake her up, so I don't know what that was about. She made cards for her teachers for Teachers Appreciation Day. She also prepared for show and tell. She wasn't sure if she was going to bring a dog or her mermaid. Well she decided she finished decorating her teachers' cards.

Kaitlynn's flowers for her teachers were all Geraniums - 3 Zonal and 1 Martha Washington. As she was decorating her teachers' cards, she said she likes coloring with black becasue it always shows up. Kaitlynn got ready for preschool after showering and eating lunch. At first she picked this really cute peasant style top from Gymboree to wear. After putting it on, she said she would be laughed at, so she wanted to change shirts. Wow! I can't believe that has already started and where did that come from? She is 4 and already concerned about what others are going to say. I don't like that at all. She wanted to wear a headband because I had one on. She chose an apple and goldfish for snack. We went over her show and tell. She chose her dalmation dog named Dalmation (from the AB Brewery). We went over her 3 clues: 1)soft, 2)white fur with black spots and 3)red collar. She came up with the clues on her own, which I thought were really good. We rehearsed a few times and she was ready!

At school, Kaitlynn gave Ms. E the Martha Washington Geranium and card and she made a huge deal out of it. I know Kaitlynn felt great about that. Ms. E always makes a big deal over Kaitlynn! Apparently the day before, Kaitlynn was line counter, so she had show and tell this day. I gave Ms. E a paper with Kaitlynn's clues written on it (in case she needed help). While she was in school, I checked my emails. My cell phone stopped working - I could only hear when the phone was on speaker and the other person couldn't hear me. Dave told me to turn the phone off and then back on and that did the trick. Stupid phone!

The daily schedule said they read "Kindergarten Rocks," met 6th grade students from the Middle school, finished their Mother's Day surprises, played outside on the playground and in music sang / listened to "The Pirate Song." Ms. A said Kaitlynn did a great job with her clues for show and tell. Kaitlynn said the 6th graders were so nice to them and playing in the sand tables with them. She played with Chance after school. She ran around chasing him around a tree with her Dalmation in hand. Chance's mom said that Kaitlynn is the only girl he said he likes and he talks about at home. Ms. E said Kaitlynn likes to play with the boys. Although her class is mainly boys. Kaitlynn is a good mixture of all girl and tomboy. Ms. E said Kaitlynn did well remembering her clues and thanked Kaitlynn again for the gift. Kaitlynn brought home the Mother's Day surprise she made me. It was wrapped. I was surprised that she hadn't told me what the surprise was.

She had swim class after school. Ms. Tori was her instructor. There were 5 kids in class. They dove for rings, used the kickboard to practice bubble breathing and kicking, played red light / yellow light, practiced arm circles, floated to the count of 10, floated wiht the kickboard and practiced kicking, at the wall practiced pushing off to the instructor and kicking, did rocketship 2 times and practiced kicking, arm circles and breathing and lastly jumped in 2 times. Kaitlynn did a good job of staying on the steps when Ms. Tori was working with the other kids. We went to Sonic for a special treat - a smoothie for Kaitlynn and a shake for me! When we got home, Kaitlynn had some hot chocolate, watched Phineas and Ferb and then Johnny Test. She played in the backyard with Lever and Sassy. After Dave got home, Kaitlynn did show and tell for him. We went to Qdoba for dinner. That was our Mexican fiesta. Kaitlynn had Dave dancing with her before we left for dinner and after we got home from dinner. It rained on the way to dinner and on the way home. It was a yucky evening. Kaitlynn got ready for bed, showered and got her pjs on (buttoned them independently. They are the kind with tiny buttons). She has been buttoning things independently for a while now (at least a few months) but the smaller buttons and holes were a little tougher, until now. She was asleep by 9PM.

Baby moved around. I had a horrible charly horse that morning in my right leg. I had to take an itch pill that evening after Kaitlynn went to bed. I won a gift card to a restaurant called LaSalsa from a Facebook contest. We have never tried this restaurant before, so it should be fun.

I was grateful for having 30 years with my dad, kind words from Dave and others on Facebook,cell phone working, nice family dinner and Kaitlynn getting more and more comfortable with swimming skills.

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