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Thursday, July 21, 2011

33rd Week of Dance and 35th Week of Preschool

Tuesday, May 17th:
It started out an eventful morning. As I was walking down the basement stairs, I slipped on a nylon Nike jacket and fell down the steps. I fell on my bottom, bounced, hit my elbows on the steps and then slid down to the bottom. Thankfully I was holding onto the rail when it happened and I didn't fall on my stomach. It definitely shook me up and scared me. I was screaming, yelling and crying. Kaitlynn and Dave came to check on me. I was just shaking. My bottom and elbows hurt.

Kaitlynn had dance. When we got home, Kaitlynn had to check on the flowers. She was outside with Dave and Bailey and I heard her playing "kick the goat." I went outside to see what was going on. Bailey was the goat. Needless to say, I was not happy about that. Kaitlynn ate lunch and got ready for school. She chose cheez-its and grapes for snack. She apologized to Bailey before leaving for school. On the way to school, she put lip gloss on and brushed her hair. She said she didn't want her hair to be tangled for school.

While she was in school, I had an appointment with my OB. Right before the appointment, I received a call from the school nurse saying that Kaitlynn was hit with a zipper on a jacket and had a red mark under her left eye. They applied ice and she was OK. I didn't need to pick her up early. It was just a notification call.

It was a long wait at the office, but the appointment went well. Baby's heart rate was 141 and my blood pressure was awesome. I don't think I have ever had better blood pressure. I informed the OB about me falling down the stairs. She said she was fine with me not going to the hospital since I didn't fall on my stomach and I was feeling baby move.

I picked Kaitlynn up from school. The daily schedule said they read "The Best Nest," decorated class photos, played Flip-It (a matching game), went outside to play on the playground and in music sang / listened to "The Pirate Song." Ms. M said Kaitlynn was also hit in the leg by one of the classmates. She talked to the preschool coordinator and they are going to physically keep Kaitlynn away from certain students. 2 of the boys are just so physical with her and she just keeps wanting to play with them. 1 of the boys has a plan in place that they follow in regards to his behavior, but Kaitlynn won't stop playing with him.
Kaitlynn brought these things home. They have been hanging in the classroom, but since school is almost out, she got to bring them home.

We went to MawMaw's. As I was getting dinner, Kaitlynn took Daisy on her first walk on a leash in the neighborhood with MawMaw. Dave and I went to our church for a meeting about where God is leading our church.

Kaitlynn went to sleep after 10:30PM because of being at MawMaw's due to the meeting at church. I felt really run down. My left elbow was bruised and my right back side hurt and was tender. I still had a blister in the middle of my tongue and my throat was a little sore (from the strawberries from the other day). Baby was active. I finally decided to take my wedding rings off for good that morning. Too afraid that they will get stuck on my finger.

Only 1 robin's egg was left in the nest when we checked on it.

I was grateful for the baby being Ok after my fall, didn't get hurt worse, MawMaw babysitting Kaitlynn, Kaitlynn not being hurt worse after her rough day at school, good doctor appointment, the call from the school nurse and hearing baby's heart rate.

Wednesday, the 18th:
I woke up before 2AM with heartburn. Our dogs, Lever and Sassy killed a mole in the backyard. After breakfast, Kaitlynn pretended that I worked at a pet shop and was calling me "pet shopper." She pretended to buy Bailey from me for $500. She likes saying "keep the change my good man!" After lunch, she got ready for preschool. For snack, she chose goldfish and a granola bar. On the way to school, we talked about not playing with certain kids or anyone that hits / kicks her. We talked about who she could play with instead of the boys that hit her the day before. She talked about how 1 of the girls was absent the day before and another 1 cries alot. Ms. M complimented me on my shoes. She said that I always wear the coolest shoes and if she was pregnant she would probably just wear tennis shoes. It's nice to get compliments!

While she was in school, I checked email, watched my soaps and did laundry. At pick up, Max hugged Kaitlynn as he was leaving the classroom. Ms. E said he had a good day of keeping his body to himself. Kaitlynn walked with Max and Ms. E out to the bus. She asked Max if he had a sister. he said no that he has a brother. Kaitlynn said "I have a brother too, right mom?" I told her she would have a brother in July / August. Ms. E didn't know that we were going to have a boy. She congratulated me and gave me a hug. She is such a sweet lady. Kaitlynn watched her friends get on the bus and then wanted me to chase her. The daily schedule said they read "The Best Nest," played sequence for kids, decorated class photos, played outside on the playground and in music sang / listened to "Mat Man" and "The Pirate Song."

We went to the gas station to get gas and get special drinks. After we got home, Kaitlynn checked the bird's nest and got the mail. She played with Bailey and watched some tv.

Since falling down the steps, I have been having a hard time getting dressed and undressed. I can't lift my right leg up. I didn't have any major bruising from the fall. Baby was active.

After dinner, Kaitlynn watched a chipmunk in our front yard. I was having Braxton Hicks after dinner too. Kaitlynn danced with Dave and then me. She likes being twirled around. Kaitlynn and I went to get her an ice cream and me a sweet tea (actually unsweetened and just topped off with sweet tea). Kaitlynn took a shower and got ready for bed. While she was taking her shower, she got Bailey wet and used her new toothbrush on the dog. Yuck! That toothbrush got thrown out. She watched some Charlie Brown DVDs with Dave before bed (the holiday collection). She didn't go to sleep til right before 11PM.

I updated Kaitlynn's and the baby's totsites. Baby moved around a lot, especially after 11PM.

I was grateful for having no major bruising from my fall, blisters on tongue and in throat feeling better, Kaitlynn had a good day at school (and wasn't hit or kicked) and the weather was nice.

Thursday, the 19th:
I was still up at about 3AM. I finally fell asleep at some point. Kaitlynn watched Nickelodeon, had breakfast, played with Bailey and watched PBS. Baby was active. After taking a shower, I did the dishes and swept the kitchen. It was rainy out. Kaitlynn had lunch and got ready for preschool. For snack, she chose grapes and goldfish. Kaitlynn turned in her money for the End of the Year Preschool Snowcone Party.

Dave and I met at AT&T to look at new cell phones. We ended up buying 2 HTC Inspires, accessories, insurance and a U-Verse package. We were there for several hours getting everything worked out.

I picked Kaitlynn up. She walked out with Dominic. It was still raining. The daily schedule said they did Yoga, played Toss Across (a tic-tac-toe game), strung beads at the sensory table, played in the gym and in music sang / listened to "The Silly Pirate Song."

We got home, Kaitlynn had hot chocolate and rested while watching some tv. Unfortunately, I started having problems with my new phone. The network and apps weren't working. Dave's was working just fine, though. I was upset about the new phone, so I took a shower to chill out. Dave and Kaitlynn vacuumed the master bedroom and hallway. Kaitlynn got ready for bed. Dave read a book, her devotional and prayed with her. She was asleep after 10:30. She woke a few times throughout the night and was just whiny. Not sure what that was all about.

Kaitlynn was supposed to have her last swim class of the session, but it was canceled earlier in the week due to maintenance.

I was grateful for upgrading to the HTC phones, Dave and Kaitlynn vacuuming the master bedroom and hallway and being safe driving in the rain.

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