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Monday, July 11, 2011


Sunday, April 24th, was Easter Sunday. We woke up earlier than usual to get ready and for Kaitlynn to enjoy an egg hunt inside.

After she found all the hidden eggs, she got to check out her Easter basket.

As we were driving to Mimi's for breakfast, Kaitlynn found a cup of cheese sauce (from the day before) and spilled it on her dress. Thankfully it wasn't too bad. Breakfast was yummy, except for feeling extremely nauseous afterwards. I felt better by the time we arrived at church. The Unwrapped series continued with a look at the Resurrection. In Kaitlynn's class, she learned about Jesus is Alive! The True Easter Story (Matthew 28:1-8).

After church, Kaitlynn had her usual hot chocolate. She wanted to bring my decaf coffee to me and burned her finger (it spilled out of the cup a little). We went to the bathroom and ran cold water on it and she was OK. We went home for lunch. Kaitlynn played with the dogs for a bit. Then we left to go to MawMaw's. Once we got there, we started cooking. Kaitlynn and MawMaw played a matching game (from the Easter egg dye). Aunt Neese, Brandon and Dan came over for dinner.

MawMaw gave Kaitlynn 2 fairy dolls (Tinker Bell and Silvermist) for Easter. Hanna and Adam came over after we ate dinner. Hanna brought Kaitlynn an Easter basket filled with candy. Dave hid eggs for Kaitlynn and Brandon to find. Kaitlynn had fun playing with Brandon. He gets her so wound up and then gets mad at her because she won't leave him alone. He got upset with Kaitlynn and broke (step on) one of her plastic Easter eggs. I guess that's typical older / younger cousin relationship stuff. He just gets so jealous of her. And she just loves him so much.

Everyone has been asking about what baby boy's name is going to be. Kaitlynn is very adamant that his name is Baby Brother!

We got home after 8:30 and got Kaitlynn ready for bed. She was asleep after 10:30. Bab moved around. I had some Braxton Hicks, pain in my upper and lower right side of back and some heartburn.

I was grateful for my family, a fun get together, Kaitlynn getting to enjoy the egg hunt before leaving for breakfast and church that morning and most of all not only for Jesus dying on the cross for my sins, but for His Resurrection.

Monday, the 25th, Kaitlynn slept in a bit. She watched some morning cartoons on Nickelodeon. Thanks to Bubble Guppies, she thought that squirrels, birds and bunnies could live underwater. I put some salt in a baking pan and let Kaitlynn draw letters (K and x), circles, made her handprint and even drew a banana. Soon she started getting the salt all over and it was time to put it away. Ms. M, her teacher had told me about this activity. We had lunch and then went to MawMaw's to take her to an appointment. On the way to MawMaw's, Kaitlynn said "Jesus saved us!" It was a proud moment to hear her say those words. It makes me thankful for our kidzministry at church. We ran some errands, ate dinner and came home. Kaitlynn can be a little stinker. For dinner, she wanted to go to the spicy place (Qdoba) because last time she wanted to go there MawMaw said she couldn't eat there because it was too spicy for her. She likes to give MawMaw trouble. Kaitlynn tried on her dance recital costumme and looked so adorable!

She took a bath and we read her devotional. She was asleep after 9PM. Baby moved around throughout the day. I had heartburn and Braxton Hicks. Dave and I watched "The Switch."

I was grateful for the rain not turning into severe weather, no flooding near us and being safe.

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