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Monday, July 11, 2011

May Day and Engagement Anniversary

Sunday, May 1st, is our Engagement Anniversary. 7 years ago, Dave proposed to me. He rented my favorite car, had flowers waiting and took me to one of my favorite parks. I can't believe it's been 7 years, but then again it's starting to get hard to remember the times he hasn't been in my life.

We went to church, which kicked off the Uncommon campaign / series. Our message was about where God is taking us / leading us as a church. Kaitlynn attended her class,too. They learned "Jesus is our friend and He wants us to be His friend, too."

After lunch, Dave and I worked on cleaning out the garage. I mean, cleaning it out! We threw everything away. It started raining while we were cleanign / clearing it out, but that didn't stop us. I should've taken a before and after picture, but I just took an after picture because I was so proud of how clean and organized it was. That garage hasn't looked that good since we moved in 7 years ago. It took us about hours to get it this clean.

While we were cleaning out the garage, Kaitlynn was "helping" us, playing with Bailey in the front yard (on a leash) and meeting our new neighbors that were moving in that day. The new neighbors have 2 kids, Lizzy who is 9 and Logan who is almost 4. They have 2 dogs too. Kaitlynn was having fun hanging out with Lizzy and meeting their dogs. She didn't get to meet Logan because he wasn't home. Kaitlynn cut up both of her legs (not too bad) climbing the neighbor's tree.

Strange thing about the itching I was having the last month or so, I was itching in church, then didn't itch the rest of the day. Baby moved around. I had Braxton Hicks.

We treated ourselves to Dairy Queen for the hard work we accomplished with the basement. My legs, feet, back and head were hurting by the time we got done cleaning.

Kaitlynn took a shower and got ready for bed. She was asleep by about 9PM. That evening, the President reported that Bin Laden was dead - killed by US Military.

I am grateful for the garage being cleaned out, meeting the new neighbors, not itching much, church, US Military, CIA and Presidents Bush and Obama.

Monday, the 2nd, I got up early to get the glucose screening and this time I fasted. I didn't sleep well, so I was tired. While waiting for the Lab to open, I almost finished reading "I Quit." While waiting for my blood to be drawn after drinking that yucky stuff, I called my ob's office about my itching. I got home almost a few hours later. I felt so sick from fasting and drinkning that yucky stuff. I was nauseaos, felt faint, hot and sweaty. I started itching again, too.

Kaitlynn was trying to help me with making breakfast. I got a call in the middle of making oatmeal. She decided to finish making it for me. She poured way too much water in the bowl and then spilled half of it bringing it to me. Such a sweet girl!

The nurse at my ob's office said I needed to go for a serum bile test and prescribed me a medication for itching. I had to wait to get the blood test until the next morning because it's another test you have to fast for. I scheduled an appointment for the lab for the next morning.

After lunch, I took a nap. Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's. Kaitlynn painted my nails and we went to dinner and the grocery store. After getting home, Kaitlynn took a shower and got ready for bed. I read her some of her new Scholastics books, "Belle and the New Puppy" and "Bombaloo." We read her devotional, prayed and I turned on Joy FM for her. She was asleep after 9PM. She was so tired while I was reading to her. I took a pill for itching. Since they can make you sleepy, I can only take them in the evening because I just don't feel comfortable taking them during the day with taking care of Kaitlynn. The nurse really stressed that they can make you sleepy.

MawMaw bought baby boy some sleepers.

That morning when Kaitlynn was with Dave while I was getting the glucose screen, she said "Holy crap!" when she saw the flowers were almost blooming outside. Then later that morning, after I got home, she told me she wanted baby brother's name to be Max. She was watching Max and Ruby on Nickelodeon.

I was grateful for being able to take a nap, glucose test, ob's office being so fast with my concerns, navy seals and military.

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