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Friday, September 23, 2011

Disney On Ice presents Toy Story 3 Trivia Answers

Here are the answers to the trivia questions from a few days ago.
1. What is Andy’s last name?
Answer: Davis. It is written on his high school diploma which you see when he goes to the bulletin board to look at the picture of him as a child playing with the toys.

2. Sid Phillips, Andy’s next-door neighbor from the original Toy Story makes a brief appearance in the third movie as what?
Answer: A garbage man

3. In Toy Story 3, why does Buzz forget his friends and once again think he is a Space Ranger?
Answer: He is switched back to Demo mode.

4. What phrase do the Aliens say to Mr. Potato Head both in Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3?
Answer: 'You have saved our lives. We are eternally grateful.'

5. The calendar in Andy’s room is always set to what month?
Answer: August

6. True or False: Lots-o’-Huggin Bear appeared in the first Toy Story movie.
Answer: True. A very early version of Lotso appeared in the original Toy Story film on Andy’s desk.

7. Woody used to be the star of what TV show?
Answer: “Woody’s Roundup”

8. What is the name of the daycare center the toys end up at in Toy Story 3?
Answer: Sunnyside

9. What is Jessie’s favorite catchphrase?
Answer: “Yeehaw!”

10. How do the toys realize that Andy is looking for them in Toy Story 3?
Answer: Mrs. Potato Head’s other eye is still in Andy’s room.

11. In Toy Story 3, Lotso forces the toys to stay in what room of the daycare center?
Answer: The Caterpillar room

12. Who saves the toys from the incinerator in Toy Story 3?
Answer: the Aliens

13. What is the full name of the strawberry-scented teddy bear in Toy Story 3?
Answer: Lots-o’-Huggin Bear

14. Who is Buzz Lightyear’s enemy?
Answer: Emperor Zurg

15. What is the name of the restaurant Buzz and Woody go to in Toy Storyy?
Answer: Pizza Planet

16. Why does Andy’s mom make him pack up his toys?
Answer: He is leaving for college.

17. Where does Ken ask Barbie to live with him?
Answer: In his Dream House

18. Woody meets Jessie and Bullseye in which Toy Story movie?
Answer: Toy Story 2

19. Who did Barbie belong to before coming to Sunnyside?
Answer: Andy’s sister Molly

20. Who leads the Green Army Men?
Answer: Sarge

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