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Saturday, January 8, 2011

10th Week of Preschool

Wednesday, October 20th I babysat. Ms. Amy, Kaitlynn's PAT Educator visited. They worked on name recognition, alphabet, colors, counting, talked about school friends, cutting, shapes, drawing circles and x's. Ms. Amy gave me many handouts on development for kids age 3-5 years old.

Kaitlynn got ready for preschool and we packed her snack (goldfish and raisins) in her lunch box. Tuesday I signed a permission slip for Kaitlynn to attend a field trip to the high school to visit their Child Development class on Tuesday the 26th, but that was moved to the 27th due to the kids having a hearing screening the 26th.

While Kaitlynn was in preschool, I finally took the computer in to be fixed. I picked MawMaw up from work and we went to pick Kaitlynn up from preschool. The daily schedule said the read "I Am A Seed" (a story about a pumpkin seed and marigold seed), took one another on wagon rides around the school, made paper bag pumpkins at the art table, went outside to play on the playground and in music sang "The Halloween Song."

We went to get Kaitlynn a special drink then went to the EC-PTO Playdate at My Gym.

After the playdate we had dinner, ran an errand and treated ourselves to ice cream!
Kaitlynn's hair is getting so long!
She loves playing with Daisy at MawMaw's.

Thursday, the 21st Kaitlynn woke up coughing really bad. I was afraid she was getting Croup. She had that 3 times last year (actually 2 times in 2009 and 1 time in the beginning of 2010). Eventually she was able to go back to sleep and was fine in the morning. I attended my Women's Bible Study. It was the last class and my group agreed to stay for lunch after the study. We are going to continue meeting monthly since we hit it off so well.

Kaitlynn was ready for preschool when I got back home. Snack (strawberries and fritos) were packed in her lunch box. Dave and I both took her to school.

While Kaitlynn was at preschool, I picked up MawMaw and then we picked her up from school. The daily schedule said they read "Pumpkin, Pumpkin," drew illustrations to "The Halloween Song," matched various types of seeds at the science center, went outside to play on the playground and did Yoga in music.
Kaitlynn showed us the Yoga pose they learned in class.
We met MawMaw Tommie for dinner and then did a little shopping. We grabbed dessert afterwards. MawMaw Tommie gave Kaitlynn a pumpkin.