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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

St. Nick's

Sunday, December 5th, we didn't know go to church because we were extremely exhausted from the 4th. I miss when we don't go to church, but like being able to watch the message on podcast.
Before Kaitlynn went to bed, we forgot to have her put her stocking out for St. Nick. So Dave and I just hung it on her bedroom door.

Monday, the 6th, when Kaitlynn woke up, we told her that St. Nick had left her some things in her stocking.
She got a pair of pjs, a couple pairs of fuzzy slipper socks, body paints and a letter from Santa.
Later that morning, Dave and Kaitlynn were in the living room. He fell asleep and Kaitlynn went in the kitchen to try to make herself some eggs. We found 2 eggs cracked on the kitchen floor and the fridge open.
I babysat. Kaitlynn and I picked MawMaw up from work and took her to a doctor appointment. We had dinner with MawMaw.

Breakfast with Santa, Tangled and Las Posadas

Saturday, December 4th, we went to the Manchester Breakfast with Santa. It was a fun morning with exception to the breakfast, but the cost was very minimal. The kids got a craft to do there or take home, a silly bands bracelet and mini coloring book. Kaitlynn had to bring Dalmation (her dog from the AB Tour). She was a little nervous about seeing Santa, but got over it and stood next to him. She didn't want to sit on his lap. After her turn was over, she wanted to do it again. I would call that a success!

We went to MawMaw's and then to Wehrenberg for their Cans Festival (you bring in so many cans of food for movie tickets). We got tickets to see Tangled. We went to lunch first and then came back to see the movie. MawMaw fell asleep during most of it. Kaitlynn said the movie was "awesome!" I thought it was cute.

We went to St. Charles' Christmas Traditions for Las Posadas, a re-enactment of the Spanish tradition finds Mary and Joseph looking for shelter. It was really neat and emotional, but freezing cold out!

AB Brewery Tour and Lights Display

Friday, December 3rd, I babysat. Kaitlynn and I went to MawMaw's. We had lunch and ran some errands. Dave met us over at Best Buy where we got a new digital camera. It's a Nikon Coolpix.

We went to Anheuser-Busch for a Brewery Tour and Lights Display.

You were able to take complimentary photos with a clydesdale, which was pretty cool!

After the Tour and Lights Display, we went to the mall where we went into Children's Place, B&BW and had dinner.

We had a great night!

16th Week of Preschool

Wednesday, December 1st, Kaitlynn was still up at midnight. I don't know what was going on with that girl. She just couldn't / didn't want to sleep. She was just be up playing. Makes for a crabby girl the rest of the day!

I babysat. Kaitlynn got ready for preschool and we packed her snack (apple and popcorn). While she was in preschool, I went to get blood work done, then picked MawMaw up from work. I didn't get to attend the Holiday Boutique at her school, because I actually forgot about it before preschool and after I dropped her off I needed to get to the lab.

We picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. The daily schedule said they reread The Gingerbread Man and read the gingerbread man's words aloud as a class, played a Gingerbread man path game, made their own versions of the story at the writing center, went outside to play on the playground and in music sang / listened to "Do You Know the Gingerbread Man?"

I was happy when I opened the mail and saw our family picture from Kaitlynn's dedication at our church on Mother's Day! I've been waiting to see this picture.

Thursday, the 2nd, I babysat. Kaitlynn got ready for preschool and we packed her snack (pretzels and raisins). While she was in preschool, the Nurse Practitioner from her doctor's office called and said there was no infection in her urine. She said it might just be a viral infection in her stomach that just cleared up on it's own since she was doing better. I talked to her about kidney issues in the family and asked if this could be what is going on with Kaitlynn. She said typically those issues are a ureteral reflux and not hereditary. We agreed to keep Kaitlynn on children's Zyrtec (which she's been taking for a few weeks to a month) and to start her on children's Delsym for her cough.
I finally got the Christmas Cards ordered too. We liked 2 designs so much that we ended up ordering 2 different cards. We ordered them from VistaPrint and were very happy with them. They were on a card stock paper.

I picked Kaitlynn up from preschool. The daily schedule said they learned a new pose in Yoga (the bridge), played "What Am I?" - a game of clues, continued writing Gingerbread stories at the writing center, went outside to play on the playground and in music sang / listened to "Do You Know the Gingerbread Man?" and "Shakin' Everywhere."

in her new winter coat and boots (that MawMaw bought).

Kaitlynn rested before swim class. I tried to organize her bedroom and ended up making it a bigger mess! How does that happen? Kaitlynn attended swim class. She didn't want to go at first, which was weird, but she was just tired. We picked up McDonald's for dinner on the way home and she was asleep by about 8:30PM.

I made my first Etsy purchase. More on that later.

Christmas Card Pictures

On Tuesday, November 30th, Kaitlynn tried on both of her Christmas dresses so I could take pictures of her in front of our Christmas tree. We tried to take pictures of her with each dog, but Bailey was the only one that would sit still for pictures. Some of the pictures are funny of Kaitlynn or Bailey, but most of them are cute!

Wrapping Up November

Saturday, November 27th, we got some really good news. I will share in a December post. Later, Kaitlynn saw a picture of her friend Ella's baby sister (on the Thank You card for her birthday gift). She said, "It's baby Trice! It's wonderful!" It was so cute! That evening, she watched Shrek. It was only her second time seeing that movie. The first time she watched it was on the 19th. We tried to get her to watch it before, but she never would. Now she likes it.

Sunday the 28th, we attended church. We talked about Advent Conspiracy and how Christmas can (still) change the world.
Kaitlynn went to her class where they learned "God gives us everything. God gives us our food." They read the story of Elijah and the widow (again) from 1 Kings 17:7-16 and sang "Thank You Lord."

We went to MawMaw's. MawMaw and I went shopping while Kaitlynn was at her house napping with Dave. We went to Family Christian Bookstore, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Circle of Knowledge and Toys R Us. At FCS I bought the Little People's Nativity set and at Circle of Knowledge I bought an Elf on a Shelf.
We went back to MawMaw's and all of us went to the mall. Dave and I picked out our yearly ornament.
This isn't the best picture of the ornament, but it's the only one I took.

Monday, the 29th, I babysat. We gave Kaitlynn her Little People's Nativity set.
She really enjoyed playing with it. I think it also helped her learn the story better.
Kaitlynn went with me while I had to get some blood work done. I finished reading the book "Have A New Kid by Friday" and was not impressed. The more I thought about using these tactics on Kaitlynn, my preschooler, the more frustrated I got that I wasted 2 days on reading this book. Maybe some of the tactics would work on older kids, but I just don't know if I buy into any of them.

Tuesday, the 30th, I babysat. Kaitlynn had dance class. It was observation week. Dave, MawMaw, Hanna and Adam came to watch. Kaitlynn has been nervous about observation week and doesn't like all the people starring at her. She didn't participate too much, but was still as cute as ever. Seriously, don't we all have days where we just don't want to participate or something (such as people looking at us) throws us off and makes us uncomfortable / nervous.

All of us went to Burger King for lunch. After lunch, Kaitlynn got ready for preschool. We had already packed her snack (apple and pretzels).

When we got to preschool, Kaitlynn showed me her picture on the wall. They were to draw a picture of something they were thankful for. She drew a stop sign.

When we went to the bathroom for Kaitlynn to wash her hands, she started saying that her vagina was hurting. We went into her classroom, so I could tell her teachers what was going on and that I was going to take her back home. She kept saying she didn't hurt anymore because she wanted to stay, but I could tell that she was still hurting. We had to bribe her and tell her if school was still open after we went to the doctor's I would bring her back. I'm glad she loves school that much. Before leaving, we received a December / January Preschool Newsletter and thank you cards from Ms. Angela and Ms. Maureen for the Thanksgiving treats.

MawMaw went with Kaitlynn and me to the doctor. As we were walking into the building, Kaitlynn saw this boy with his mom and asked if he was there because his "gina" hurt too. It was so funny! Thankfully she asked that to me and not him or his mom. We saw the nurse practitioner. Kaitlynn had to urinate in a cup. They thought she had an infection but said the culture looked clean, but they would send it to the lab. The NP checked her out and couldn't find anything wrong. She said that maybe Kaitlynn is dry and suggested using an A&D ointment. Kaitlynn was so mad that she wasn't able to go back to school (since it was too late).

Black Friday Shopping

Thursday, November 25th, MawMaw and I decided last minute to go out shopping for Black Friday. Dave and Jeff stayed at MawMaw's to watch Kaitlynn. We left around 9:30 / 9:45PM to get to Toys R Us since the doors opened around 10PM. We couldn't believe the parking lot and then the line to get in. The line was wrapped around the back of the store at least. There was no way we were waiting outside in that cold night in that long of a line. We decided to go to WalMart while we let the line die down. We were at WalMart for awhile and then went back. The parking lot was better, but the line was still outrageous. We decided to head over to Denny's for some hot chocolate / cappuccino. Hanna and Adam ended up meeting us there. They went with us back over to Toys R Us and the line was gone, at this point it was midnight or after (on the 26th). We got most of the things we were going for and found a pretty short line! Got lucky there! Hanna and Adam went home. MawMaw and I decided to go have a snack at Steak n Shake. We went to one, but the had a skeleton crew working and no one was being waited on, so we left and went to a different one. We were the only ones in the other location. Funny how that works. Our plan was to go to Target when they opened. We went and got good parking. People were in tents outside the store, which is just crazy to me. We decided that it would take a while for them to let all the people waiting outside the store in that we would just go to Macy's. We got our shopping done there and headed back to Target. Had no problem getting the stuff we wanted from there, but the check out line - oh my! It was ridiculous. It was the longest wait ever! We went to WalMart where we finished up our shopping. We were definitely pooped and had shopped til we were ready to drop! We picked up breakfast from Hardees for everyone and went back to MawMaw's.

I couldn't believe I was out shopping on Black Friday. I really had no intentions of going. I knew my mom wanted too, but I really wasn't into it until I started looking at the sale ads. Plus I was feeling a little better. So I decided what the heck. We used to go Black Friday shopping. It ended up being successful and was great mother / daughter time!

After we ate breakfast, Dave, Kaitlynn and I went home. I slept the rest of the day. It really took a lot out of me.

MawMaw bought Kaitlynn a Baby Alive doll (the one that you feed baby food and it wets the diaper). Kaitlynn requested that we buy her a doll while out shopping. Anyway, it was so funny when I asked Kaitlynn her baby's name. She said, "Baby Gobbles!"

Later on Friday, Kaitlynn saw our wedding picture and asked if she could go there. I told her sure it was a church and that we would probably take her to that church someday. She said "I want to get married." Um, yeah, your way too young for that kid!


Thursday, November 25th, we went to MawMaw's. Hanna and Adam came over before she had to go to work. She trimmed Kaitlynn's hair while MawMaw and I cooked the food. Denise, Dan and Brandon came over too. Kaitlynn hid under the counter in the kitchen, where MawMaw and I were cooking, most of the time that Dan was there. She just doesn't like him. As a mom, I think it is important to teach your children to listen to that inner voice or inner feeling. If you don't feel comfortable around someone, trust your instincts. It's better to be safe. I don't want her to be afraid to act on her instincts because she might hurt someone's feelings. I think it will save her from a lot of trouble. We never force her to like someone, hug someone, etc. no matter who they are.
We also went to my grandma's. It is bitter sweet going there. She is my dad's mom and with him being gone it's tough to go down there, but also I guess I long for it too (as a way to help remember him).
The last picture of Kaitlynn cracks me up. We wanted to get her out of her skirt, so she didn't get it too dirty and all I had were these pink tight pants. Funny!