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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

28th Week of Dance and 31st Week of Preschool

Tuesday, April 12th, Kaitlynn attended dance class. Kaitlynn and her friend Madelyn told Ms. J about their mommies having babies in their tummies. It was the first Ms. J had heard. After dance, Kaitlynn and I went home for lunch and to get ready for preschool. For snack, Kaitlynn chose a granola bar and an apple. While Kaitlynn was in preschool, I delivered Avon and went to the grocery store. I picked Kaitlynn up and the daily schedule said they read "Ten Seeds," played Tops and Bottoms (a dice game), stretched and cut goop, played outside on the playground and in music sang / listened to "Seed In the Ground." Kaitlynn brought home the Healthy Kids Newsletter which was about car seats guidelines and never leaving your child in a parked car. Ms. Amy (Kaitlynn's PAT Educator) left some information for me in regards to preparing Kaitlynn for the birth of the new baby and how to entertain your older child while feeding the new baby.

When we got out to the car, I saw that Kaitlynn was hiding something from me. It was a watch that she "borrowed" from school. I asked her who it belonged to. She said it was one of her teachers. It was a watch that came from a McDonald's Happy Meal. In talking to her, I found out she didn't ask to borrow it. We talked about the difference between taking / stealing and borrowing.

Later, we met Dave at McDonald's, so Kaitlynn could see the Easter Bunny. The Easter Bunny came right over to her and seh ran right up to him. I was surprised because she wasn't too sure of seeing the Easter Bunny and had fallen asleep in the car just before we arrived. She took a picture with the Bunny and he gave her 2 packages of cookies.


The Easter Bunny kept coming up to Kaitlynn and giving her more packages of cookies and anytime Kaitlynn couldn't see the bunny, she would have to go look for him. She just kept giggling, waving and saying "hi" to him. It was very cute!


After dinner, Kaitlynn took a bath, got ready for bed, read a couple books, read her devotional, prayed and watched some Clifford. She didn't get to bed until about 10PM.

Baby was moving around. I had a hard time getting comfortable in bed while watching some of "Eat, Pray, Love" because the baby was moving so much. He likes to move really late at night and really early in the morning.

I was grateful for the local grocery store, cameras, cell phones, our cars, the beautiful weather, having the windows open, Kaitlynn's preschool and dance class and teachers.

Wednesday, April 13th, Kaitlynn got ready for preschool. For snack, she chose a granola bar, raisins and a few strawberries. She wore a hat to school. It was Hats On for Kids with Cancer. They paid 50 cents to wear a hat, which was donated to kids with cancer. On the way to school, she said "Everyone's going to say I look beautiful!" And of course, they did. All of her teachers commented on her hat. We gave the watch back to Ms. M and Kaitlynn told her she was sorry for taking it and said she wouldn't steal again. Ms. M was impressed at Kaitlynn's understanding of the situation. She said that she had actually set it up wrong. She wasn't sure who the watch belonged to and asked who's it was. All the kids said it was theirs and wanted it.

While Kailtynn was in school, I cleaned some things out of the garage, went through email and went by Mobil on the Run for drinks. I went to the wrong car, at least it was the same color car! I'm blaming that one on pregnancy brain.

I picked Kaitlynn up. She wanted to take the sensory brush home, but I explained to her that it wasn't ours, so we couldn't. She loves those brushes. The daily schedule said they read "Monkey See, Monkey Do," weeded their community garden space near the playground, played dominos, played outside on the playground and in music sang / listened to "Seed In the Ground." Kaitlynn got goop in her hair and Ms. M had to use starch and a lice comb to get it out.


We went to MawMaw's, ran some errands and ate dinner. I bought the baby some gowns, wash clothes and caps. Kaitlynn played her Leapster at dinner and on the way home from MawMaw's. When we got home, she had a bath, got into her pjs, brushed her teeth, I read 2 books to her, read her devotional, said prayers and turned music on for her. She was asleep about 9PM. Baby was active.

This day, I was thankful for my medicine that keeps me and baby healthy, our cars and the good gas mileage they get, my mom, Kaitlynn going to bed quickly and automatic refills (at the pharmacy).

Thursday, the 14th, baby was active. Kaitlynn painted her finger and toe nails before school and painted my finger nails. I met with a couple of the ladies from my Women's Bible Study (Kim and Linda). Dave took Kaitlynn to preschool. She got to wear a hat to school again for Hats On For Kids with Cancer.

Dave met me at my ob appointment. Baby's heart rate was 145. My ob said she was pleased with my weight gain and that baby and I are doing great. After the appointment, I picked up MawMaw and we ran an errand. We picked Kaitlynn up from school and she informed me she "didn't steal anything." Silly girl! The daily schedule said they learned a new yoga pose (airplane), drew pictures of seeds growing while singing "Seed in the Ground," painted with tempera cakes, played outside on the playground and in music sang "Seed in the Ground."

Kaitlynn took a nap in the car on the way to swim lessons. It was her first class for session 3. Ms. Tori was her instructor. She was Kaitlynn's instructor for level 1 swim, too. There were 5 kids in the class. First they introduced themselves to each other, Ms. Tori had them make a monkey face to show when they needed to listen, they dove for rings, made rain clouds, used the kickboards to practice kicking, practiced arm circles, floating while all the kids counted to 10, used the kickboard to float with, practiced kicking at the wall, played red light / green light, did torpedo, kicked off the wall and jumped in. After swim, we had to rush to get MawMaw to a doctor appointment. We were late because of traffic, but thankfully the doctor was still able to see her. Dave met us at Pasta House for dinner. We wanted to try out a new location. At dinner, Dave asked Kaitlynn "Are you going to turn into an olive?" and Kaitlynn said "Are you nuts?!" She says the funniest things at times! After dinner and taking MawMaw home, Kaitlynn had a bath, washed her hair, put her pjs on, brushed her teeth, I read 2 books and her devotional, we prayed and then turned on her music. She was asleep after 9:30PM. Baby was active early in the AM and in the evening.

This day, I was thankful for a great ob visit, strong heart beat, my women's group, Dave being able to watch and take Kaitlynn to school, swim class, family time and Kaitlynn's bedtime routine.