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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mother's Day

Sunday, May 8th, Dave and I couldn't sleep. We were up discussing wills and trusts (mainly what he has learned about in school). Since we were up so late, we unfortunately missed church. After sleeping in, we had breakfast and got ready for the day. Kaitlynn made a bead necklace with Dave for me, but said it wasn't finished yet. I opened the gift she made me at preschool. it was a beautiful picture she painted me on a canvas. I can't wait to find a special place in the house to hang it.

We checked on the bird's nest in one of our bushes.

I was feeling very emotional. We picked up MawMaw to go to the carnival at South County Mall. Kaitlynn had so much fun riding on the rides. It was a pretty hot day though. Kaitlynn won a stuffed penguin at the duck pond game. She picked 1 duck and won a medium prize.

After the carnival, MawMaw and I went to the mall, where she bought me a really cute pair of black (gladiator-like) sandals for Mother's Day. We went to Pasta House and the wait was about 45 minutes to an hour, so we sat at the bar. The wait really wasn't that bad, plus it gave my brother time to wake up and meet us there for dinner.

My arms and chest were itching. When we got home, Kaitlynn took a shower and got ready for bed. Dave read books and her devotional to her and prayed with her. She was asleep by 9:30. I took an itch pill and went to sleep soon after Kaitlynn did, not sure if I was so tired from the pill or just the day. The air conditioner went out the day before, which really sucks. Thankfully the bedrooms are pretty cool with the ceiling fans.

Baby moved around a lot in the morning and after dinner.

I was grateful for sleeping in, fun time at the carnival, spending the day with Kaitlynn, Dave, Mom and Jeff and the sunny hot weather.

Monday, the 9th, I woke up to my legs and ankles itching, so I had to take another itch pill. I had a hard time sleeping from itching. My arms, stomach, feet and face started itching too. Dave cleaned out Turtle's cage. While Kaitlynn ate breakfast, I took a shower and then called the Heating and Cooling company we use. I left a voice mail at my ob's office about my blood work results from last week. I had to take my wedding band off, not sure if it was the heat and me swelling from that or the pregnancy. Thankfully the Heating and Cooling guy was able to come out after lunch and before my doctor appointment. It wasn't anything major either, thankfully.

At my doctor appointment, baby was moving around. Kaitlynn was pretending to be a doctor. She likes sitting on the doctor's stool, but as soon as he came in the room, she jumped off the stool. She was being a little stinker and grabbed part of the needle thing the nurse used on me out of the harzard container. The appointment went well all in all.

After playing phone tag, I was finally able to talk to the nurse at my ob's office. The results from both tests (the serum bile and glucose screening) came back normal. It was confusing though, since I was having such horrible itching spells. The nurse said I could continue to take the itch pills as needed. My legs itched a little the rest of the day.

Kaitlynn and I took MawMaw to an appointment. Kaitlynn napped in the car for over an hour during the appointment. We went to Outback for dinner. At dinner, I said my stomach was hurting and MawMaw said I should take a walk. Kaitlynn said "she can't walk in the parking lot, she'll get hurt and then who will watch me?"

We ran some errands and then came home. Kaitlynn showered and got ready for bed. I read her 2 books ("Goldilocks and the 3 Bears" and "Cinderella and the Lost Mice"). We read her devotional, prayed and listened to her CD. She was asleep a little after 9:30. Baby moved a lot. I was able to put my wedding ring back on since the a/c was working. I guess it was the heat making me swell.

I was grateful for ceiling fans, a/c being fixed so soon after I called, the a/c being fixed and not being too expensive or major, good doctor appointment and normal test results back from blood work.